Kicker of Ass of the Week – 7/9/07

Our KOAOTW this week is BET’s “Hot Ghetto Mess” show. Let me explain a few things. First of all I usually don’t watch anything on t.v. other than my few favorite shows, which I have beaten to death on many occasions, and as a rule that is almost a religion form me I NEVER watch MTV, Fuse, E!, Oh!, Lifetime, BET, or any other station aimed directly at a specific group because they usually make you fucking retarded. The other day however I cam across a show called HGM (Hot Ghetto Mess) and I thought it was awesome.

It was great because I truly felt it was doing the same thing in the black community as Hey Stupid! does for the rest of the world, and that is pointing out and making fun of the stupidest aspects of that culture and begging people to wake up.

Then today I come to find out that HGM is under fire from cry baby, infected vagina, special interest groups claiming that HGM, is being demeaning to blacks, no matter that it runs on a black station and was the brain child of a black lawyer named Jam Donaldson, and hosted by the black communities super hero Charlie Murphy.

Websites that spend all day bitching and moaning like “What About Our Daughters” are demanding that sponsors pull their funding from the show to convince BET to cancel the show.

Well BET, HGM and Jam D, we here at Hey Stupid! support your efforts, and not because we are racist and think all black people are exactly like the ones on HGM, but because they only way people (of any race) will stop acting like jack asses and embarrassing everyone is if enough intelligent people make fun of them and they find something else to do. Its called tough love mother fuckers. Think about it.

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