Kicker of Ass of the Week- 7/16/07


That’s right all my nerdy brethren, I know we are all thinking about moving back to our mom’s basements and dawning our old dragon shirts we all bought at Nature’s Habitat circa 1999 due to how bad the movie industry has been screwing up everything we love (namely any comic book movie since X-Men 2 ,Indiana Jones 4 and Transformers as well as sure fire shit stains like Sunshine, Alien vs. Predator 2 and the butchering of one of my favorite books “I am Legend”) but all is not lost.

David Duchovny stated this past weekend that filming is to begin on the sequel to X-Files as early as November. I have to be completely honest here and admit then when I first saw this I was worried that something shitty was about to happen, but from everything I can find it has been confirmed that Gillian Anderson will be returning as Scully and that Chris Carter will helm the project.

My memories of 1993 consist pretty much of Friday nights on Fox which meant The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, and The X-Files. There are only two things that could make me happier at this point. 1) The X-Files becoming the second show in Fox history to be brought back after cancellation, and suckling on the teet of Gillian Anderson.

I will continue to provide updates as information becomes available, but I am about to geek freak. Thank god.

I know, I can’t mention Gillian Anderson’s hot love lumps to a pack of geeks like my readers with out them frothing at the mouth and possibly beating off to the old covers of their X Files season box sets on VHS, so here ya go…


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