Band of the Week- 7/23/07

I think I named them band of the week one time in the past, but so fucking what…IT’S THE FUCKING MISFITS!

The fact is these boys have been rocking in some form or another for 30 years and you can’t put that down. Sure there is always going to be the debate as to whether they were better with Danzig/Graves/Only up front, but I don’t care. Sure, Danzig will all be viewed as the original Misfit, and Graves had some great lyrical skills and The Graves-era Misfits had higher production values so everything sounds a lot fuller, and Only up front brought it back to a raw stripped down three piece, but none of that matters. As soon as the Misfits walk on stage and you see the make-up and the devil lock that’s all that matters.

Musically the ‘fits have stuck to their roots, making songs About monsters, sci-fi gone wrong, movies and an obscure view of the 50’s. They actually sound like a living horror comic. Just as the Crimson Ghost has become one of the most recognizable symbols of any band, the music of the Misfits has become a mainstay of American music.

Check the Misfits out on their homepage, or on Myspace.

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