Hate Mail- 7/31/07

Now I know in my Hey E-Rokk! bits I am usually goofing around in my replies and that is what they are meant to be…a joke. Yesterday however I received this very real bit of mail.


not that you really care but you kinda offended me with the whole I hate fat women? I just thought that was rude. No I don’t have a disease but I do have a slow metabloism and a fucked up guy as a father who starved me when I was little in the hopes that I would not grow up to be who I am today. So, yeah I am fat but it’s not cause I am lazy and eat all day. I just felt I should stand up for myself. I am in no way mad at you just kinda offended like I said. but, I wanted to let you know from a fat girls point of veiw.

…And now, my response.

Your complaint has been filed under M…for “My Ass”. First of all, you are 100% correct, I don’t really give a damn, but the fact is  I am a complete dick I am not a douche and not responding to someone is a simple act of douchebaggery.

So here it goes. First of all, if you found it rude and you think its offensive, good, that means its working. While I don’t know what piece you are referring to in particular  I can imagine though what I said in the piece as most of my bits about fat people in general (not just girls) are about the same thing. Now granted, fat girls are usually worse because the bulk (get it) of them try to look cute and sexy and are just disgusting while most fat guys accept that they are fat and dress appropriately.

It breaks down like this though, everything I write fat related or not (unless its a joke or about something geeky like comic books or movies) is meant as social commentary. Aside from just fatty bashing I also go off the deep end on trendsters (goths, wiggers, wanna be punks, people who watch mtv) bad parents, religious groups and vegans on a regular basis. The reason I do this is that just because a particular ideology is spread rampant by media sources, pharmaceutical companies and advertising execs doesn’t make something right.

Let me ask you something, if all of the sudden it was cool for people to mutilate their genitals with a blender and someone made fun of you for not doing, would you be offended by that? I would hope not, I would hope you would think that person was a fucking idiot for destroying their genitals in a blender.

I guess what I am getting at is that my rant wasn’t about girls who are only slightly overweight but still look good , or girls that do have some sort of disease (diabetes, glycemic disorders or metabolic disorders) and are just existing, my problem is with lazy fuckers that do nothing but stuff their faces then bitch about being fat and with big fat fatties that squeeze themselves into tiny outfits. I also have a problem with the fact that those things are socially accepted, excuses are made for those people and I am supposed to accept them for who they are. Fuck that, they are a waste of time.

If you are offended by my tirades because you think you fit into one of those categories, then there is nothing I can do about that, I’m an offensive person, especially when it comes to making fun of social stupidity, but I won’t change my opinion. Maybe you should change your opinion of yourself and stop thinking you’re fat lazy piece of trash, because honestly the people i make fun of are the ones pushing 300.

Have a nice day.

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