Band of The Week- 08/06/07

Penis Fly Trap!

Why the fuck not? These guys are an awesome band out of Boston that you have to check out as soon as humanly possible. I remember hearing these guys once in college and thinking “my god this kicks ass”, then a few weeks later I was self medicating over at my friend’s house and a saw a blank tape labeled Penis Flytrap (notice no space between fly and trap) and listened to it. Instead of sounding like the Ramones meets non political NOFX it sounded more like a goth shit storm. I figured they just changed their sound and I had no need to care about them any more.

I never really thought about them again until a few weeks ago. I was going through all of my strange old cds and tapes that I haven’t even seen since the late 90’s and as I was listening to Butt Trumpet and Elvis Hitler I remembered Penis Fly Trap. I decided to look them up on the internet and see if i could find any info on them or if they even existed. The truth is I have found a lot of my memories from college are of things I only imaged while drunk or stoned…I mean medicated.

I was more than happy when I found this little nugget out on the internet.

As I sat there reading away I quickly became fanatical about the band. Not only did I find that their music still kicked ass, but that I love reading all of the strange shit posted all over their site. I didn’t even have to worry about the shitty goth music because apparently Penis Flytrap (no space) is a shitty goth band from the left coast.

Be sure to check out or on myspace.

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