Kicker of Ass of The Week- 08/06/07

This week’s honors go to… NASA for making people almost care about space missions again. It isn’t really their fault that people don’t pay attention, I mean lets face it, it is pretty boring shit. What, with it being in every possible sense the future of the entire human race, who would have the time to pull away from a day of watching videos being forced fed to you by record labels, or “news” being crammed up your ass by corporate owned media outlets. I mean lets face it, if people would actually watch a space launch or read an article (like people even learn how to read anymore about the space program they might not get a chance to buy into that new trend that Hot Topic says is so cool.

Well kudos to NASA. With their decision to finally launch a teacher into space who has been waiting 20 years to go (she was second place to ride in the Challenger, but apparently first place to not die a fiery death in an explosion) NASA has managed o attract a fair amount of attention. This shows great potential.

Here is my thinking, NASA if you want more funding to build the cutting edge equipment you use listen very closely. Take Green Day, U2, My Chemical Romance, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and pretty much any other punk/emo/metal/pop band that any 11-18 year old girl supports and put them on the shuttle holding bay. Then take them up to the space station but have some malfunction that causes the bay doors to open and let them just float away. Not only will the celebrities bring in ratings which will bring in money for NASA, but you’ll also be riding the world of shitty shitty music and kicking even more ass.

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