Well hold on to your nuts.

So its Wednesday, August 8. You know what that means right? Only 34 more shopping days until September 11th 2007. Expect it to be another sweeps week on T.V. where every station imaginable will be running some patriotic bullshit or the same tired documentary about the events. Every commercial will be trying to get you to donate money to some society that will make sure the families of the victims and the survivors will only ever see about 11% of any thing collected. Hell if you change the channel you’ll just be bombarded by commercials demanding that you “Never Forget” or trying to get you to by some commemorative bullshit.

The box office on the other hand shouldn’t be too bad as Nicholas Cage has been too busy perfecting cgi muscles to star in another flaming shit box film about it. That and Hollywood probably won’t try and squeeze a few more pennies out of it until at least the 10 year anniversary. Of course then it will be directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and be from the point of view of the terrorists or some stupid bullshit.

Magazine’s and newspaper won’t be safe either as some “new evidence” will be brought to light and people will just have to read about it. You see people the problem is not only are we reminded everyday of what happened because Bush used it as his own personal Rohypnol stash to get in there and violently penetrate and rape the middle east and since for some reason we are STILL there and still can’t manage to find to guy we’re looking for, perhaps its time we get the hell out of there.

just can’t believe the fact that as I sit here and watch events unfold September eleventh (9/11 just in case actually spelling it out is to hard for you to read) is becoming another commercial holiday like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I mean i guess they really need something for September to really get a foothold I mean think about it…

Sept. 11 (Which will probably end up being called freedom day) (start selling decorations in August)
Oct- Halloween (start selling decorations in September)
Nov-Thanksgiving (start selling decorations in September)
Dec-Christmas (start selling decorations in September)
Jan-New Year’s (start selling decorations in November)
Feb-Valentine’s Day (start selling decorations in January)
March-St. Patrick’s Day (start selling decorations in February)
April-Easter (start selling decorations in February)
May-Mother’s Day (start selling decorations in April)
June-Father’s Day (start selling decorations on Mother’s Day)
July- Fourth of July (start selling decorations in May)

Hell if they wrap up something for August holiday shit can be sold all year long! Man that would be awesome, WalMart would get to make even more profit and take over even more of the world. Seriously though this shit is getting so tired and boring already it is like listening to Maroon 5 while watching an infomercial. I am almost so bored I could give a damn about Darfur. Luckily I remember I don’t give a shit, just like I didn’t give a shit about Tibetan Freedom, but I am sure Bono will try and guilt you into buying something red.

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