Kicker of Ass of the Week- 8/13/07

This week’s KoAotW was a simple decision. He is someone who was walked amongst the Ranks of Hey Stupid! for almost six months now, but has never been properly identified. His name is Nick Fit.

In a recent article The JaGe said, “(I’m) pretty sure Nick Fit is wanted for a few counts of murder” and he probably isn’t to far off. Nick is a man of mystery…and booze.

Never one to mince words (although he does often slur them) Nick will get right in your face and tell you how it is (or how he thinks it is). He’s a hard drinkin S.O.B. and just so happens to share the same birthday as the JaGe.

On top of all that, he is a great dude to hang out with, an amazing writer, and the front man for the greatest band on the planet…Renegade Revival.

2 responses to “Kicker of Ass of the Week- 8/13/07

  1. You sure know how to make a guy feel special!

  2. Capt. Portside Krull

    I remember the first time I met Nick. He was sittin’ at the Rail with his back to the crowd. He had an Oxymoron patch on the back of his jacket. We made our introductions, we chated for a minute, and then he excused himself politely and puked his guts out. Ever since then I’ve been proud to call him a friend.

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