Mumm-Ra and Krang…Badasses being Badass: Part 2



mumm.jpg: That’s right! Last time we were here it was for a stupid ass interview that no one paid any attention to any way. Well this time we are gonna do all the talking.
krang2.gif: Right, I mean there is still so much that needs said this time, we can’t be interrupted by that no talent jack ass, E-Rokk.
ec1.png: Hey guys. What are you doing here? I didn’t know we had another interview set up.

krang2.gif: We don’t you fool, we are here on our own. Now get out of the way.

ec1.png: I’m sorry, but it doesn’t really work that way. I mean this is Hey Stupid, not Hey Washed Up Super Villains!

mumm.jpg: Who are you calling washed up? On top of that we aren’t super villains any more. We told you, we’re detective.

ec1.png: Well , it’s not like you were ever that super to begin with.

krang2.gif: That’s it fucker. Take that.

ec1.png: Oh god…oh god, you bit me on the fucking neck!

krang2.gif: What can I say, you needed a fucking attitude adjustment.

ec1.png: Oh god, I think I’m dying.

mumm.jpg: You are, and may your soul be ever confined to hell.

krang2.gif: Good. Now that the nasty business is out of the wa, we can talk about what is really important. Mumm, crank up the “Volume 10”.

mumm.jpg: A steel dick more clip for pump but, all I’m saying there aint no question who the man is.

krang2.gif:Exactly! Now here is why we came here today. Here is the reason E-Rokk had to die.

ec1.png:I’m still alive actually.

krang2.gif: Fine, here is the reason I had to bite him on the neck.

ec1.png: Thank you.

krang2.gif:Mumm-Ra and I are officially announcing our candidacy for the presidency in 2008. So vote Krang/Mumm-Ra in 2008.
sc.png: Not so fast you son of a bitch!

mumm.jpg: Oh nooooo. Its Colberrrrrrrrrrrrrt!

sc.png: That’s god damned right. There is no way you will bring your campaign trash on this site. This is where my candidacy was announced for me months ago.


:Fine,. You may have won the day Colbert, but we’ll be back… WE’LL BE BACK!

Why not go trick or treating with Krang and Mumm-Ra?

See the first appearance of these bad asses on Hey Stupid

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