Movie View: The Simpsons


So much time has passed since i wrote my blog about The Simpsons, and my predictions about the film. Well, I do have to say it’s been awhile since I did a “Movie View” AND since I actually saw the movie.

I went on opening night, thats right.

I actually went to the movie theater.

I must say, I really wasn’t disappointed. I was very much impressed with what i had seen. I almost thought for a second that I would leave the theater sulking, ready to kill someone, taking out my rage on the first person I saw. But I must admit, I was impressed. The animation was smooth and flawless, the voice acting was amazing as usual, and the movie was pretty funny.

I figured that maybe if they had made the movie ten years ago, it would better then what I had hoped for…but I really liked this movie. It’s pure Simpsons all the way. It really hard not to watch this movie and hate it.It’s full of great gags, and that special kind of satire that the Simpson’s are known for. All your favorite characters are there…even though they may not say anything.Even Fry from Futurama makes a guest appearance in the mob. Now, as far as what I had seen, there were a few characters that weren’t in the movie.

1.The Simpsons cat: Snowball II

2.Kodos and Kang

3.Wolfcastle (but i guess he couldn’t be since President Arnold was in the film)

No radioactive man what so ever either. Not even a poster in the background.But hey, you can’t win them all right? Other then that, I think I pretty much spotted the ENTIRE Simpsons “cast”. The movie has an overblown story, but of course it HAS to.If it didn’t, it would just be an episode of the show. Albert Brooks returns as the “bad guy” (who you might all remember as Hank Scorpio a few seasons back) and Tom Hanks makes a guest appearance as well. To be honest though, no one really cared about the guest stars.They did great jobs, but the theater I was at, Homer, Bart and Ralph got the most laughs.

Spider Pig of course was everyone’s favorite scene, even though I’m sure everyone had scene it a dozen times in the trailer.

It’s defiantly movie magic though. Don’t go to see this and expect to see a 90 minute Simpsons episode. Because this is a MOVIE.

Though not as vulgarly funny as “South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut” this is what defines the Simpsons as THEIR “movie”. And in my opinion, it will stand the the test of time. To me, ANY movie could always be better, but THIS film, was WAY better then i expected.I urge you to see it for self.I think you will be surprised that a show that has been on television for 18 (going on 19) years, can still make a good movie.

“He’s not Spider-Pig anymore he’s Harry Plopper.”

“No Plopper, If You Move That Daddy Will die”

“I like boys now!”

9 Out of 10

– StraTT

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