Band of the Week 9/10/07

This week’s band of the week hails from Johnstown, PA. They are the aggressive metal act known as Scathe.

When I first heard Scathe I have to admit it sounded like the same bunch of random noise that most other bands that can be associated with them sound like. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate metal, but most of that stuff sounds like a train wreck. Then, slowly but surely Scathe started to define their sound and refine it into something that kicked ass so hard I was easily hooked as a fan.

Now they have a sound that is truly their own and fun to listen too. Fun in the way you might imagine it would be fun to be involved in an all out Japanese hardcore match between Mick Foley and Terry Funk complete with barbed-wire and thumbtacks. You know you’re gonna get hurt, but damn it’ll be a hell of a ride.

Be sure to check the boys from PA out, and if you live anywhere close enough to catch one of their shows…do it.

Check their Myspace for some of their music.

3 responses to “Band of the Week 9/10/07

  1. scathe is the definition of pure metal, should they make it big time im proud to be able to say that ive seen them from the beginning

    mad props to stevil, beach, jon, birk and squirrel

    stay sic fuckers

  2. cant forget angel, that fuck

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