DB’s week 1 review / week 2 outlook

I’ll add more to this when the night closes in.


Okay, enough of that.


(10) Florida State at (HM) Clemson

– Where do I even start with this pillowfight? How about with my own Top 25. I ranked FSU at 10th because of a few factors.

1.) Their recruiting is always very good.
2.) They picked up THREE very high caliber coaches: LSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fischer (Bowden’s heir), former FSU defensive coordinator and more currently NCSU head coach Chuck Amato, and one of the masters of the WVU runing game, Rick Tricket. Combine that with Bobby Bowden’s experience and leadership, and also the same credentials of longtime defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews. Let me tell you something secretive about Mickey Andrews:

(he’s only good when his players are good. He can’t do anything with below 5-star athletes. He’s insanely overrated.)

3.) The ACC this year, like years in the past, is pathetic.

Watching this nightmare tonight, I couldn’t believe I was watching Florida State. This is the possibly the most storied program of the past 20-30 years. They built an EMPIRE. There was a time when 90% of the players i the NFL were from Florida State. Their recruiting was, and still is, very, very, very good. I couldn’t believe that FSU had to start 2 freshmen and a sophomore on the offensive line. And for the first time in probably 12-15 years, I couldn’t tell you one player on the defensive. Equal to that, I didn’t know who the starting running back was. Defensively, this team is in a lot of trouble, even in a very weak conference. They not only cannot tackle, but they look very slow-footed, unorganized, and more troubling than that is the fact that it seriously looked like they were making poor decision in what defenses they were calling. There was a point in particular where Clemson had the ball 3rd and 1/2 a yard, they had been killing FSU’s defense all night with Davis and Spiller (two Clemson RB’s) and FSU had a 4-yard by 4-yard square of nothing right behind the defensive tackles. Now, I’m no defensive coordinator in the ACC, but if you have been getting pummeled all night with running backs blasting through you, and it’s 3rd and 1/2 a yard, why is no one lined up in the middle behind the tackles? Now, granted, Clemson DID throw it for the first down, but there was still a RB in the backfield. If that kid would have audibled, they would have gained 10 yards up the middle. But it’s all water under the bridge at this point. Offensively… where do I even begin? There’s nothing good to say about FSU QB Drew Weatherford. I cannot believe that a program with this much prestige has nothing else to offer me besides Drew Weatherford. He’s really bad, folks. And he’s blind as hell. Granted the line was garbage for the majority of the night, but he still stunk the place up pretty badly. The only thing I can say that was a bright spot for the FSU offense was Antoine Smith being able to make plays catching passes out of the backfield. They can’t run the ball for anything. And you definitely do not want to have to rely on Weatherford to win you games. This coaching staff was assembled to put FSU back on the national map, and make them respectable again. They will do so, in time. But this team right now is simply awful. Even in a bad conference, they are awful.

Like I said in my Top 25, the Clemson coaching staff will always find ways to sabotage their own team’s success. They nearly made me a genius again tonight, because those idiots had a huge lead on a very hated rival, and still let a garbage football team right back in the game. I almost thought FSU would pull it out, until I realized who the FSU QB was. I don’t know what it is about Clemson’s staff, but they just blow it. Defensively, this team has some real nice players and I’d have to say that they are probably the most underrated defense in the ACC, they might even be the best defense in there. But they screw up. Offensively, those RB’s are unbelievable. If Clemson had a competent (average) QB, there’s a real chance this team could go undefeated. They can and will pound the ball down everyone’s throats. If that QB was any good, they would beaten FSU by 4 touchdowns. But, as good as those RB’s really are, and as good as that defense can be at times, this staff will find ways to lose games, like they do every season. They were very close to proving me right, yet again, tonight.

(5) Michigan vs. Appalachian State

– Was this the biggest upset in college football history? I doubt it. It’s the biggest one because the media keeps downplaying how good ASU is. This team won back to back national titles, they surprisingly have decent recruiting, even against I-A teams, and I would be willing to bet that ASU can beat about 100 I-A programs. Michigan ended up being one of them. The I-AA level of play has really gotten a lot better in the past years. I really encourage you all to watch the I-AA national title tournament on TV when it comes around in December. You’ll see some awesome football.

Oh, FYI, Appalachian State is favored to win their 3rd straight national championship.

As far as Michigan goes, like I said in my Top 25, this is the most underachieving and overrated program in the nation pretty much every season. The problems up there are always with the coaching staff making bad decisions, and they did so again on Saturday. The papers and media are calling for Lloyd Carr’s head, and rightfully so. He’s been on the hot seat up there for quite some time, and even if this team does win the Big Ten (they always have the talent to do so, on both sides of the ball) I highly doubt Carr comes back. Little known fact about Michigan: Lloyd Carr was basically given his job by longtime friend and mentor, the late UM head coach Bo Schembechler. He protected Carr’s job because he was the patron saint of Ann Arbor. The shield’s are down now. Bo Schembechler is dead, Lloyd.

Offensively, UM has 4 of the best players in the nation in RB Hart, QB Henne, WR Manningham, and OT Jake Long. Defensively, they are inexperienced overall. There’s a case to be made for this being a very bad year for Michigan.

Michigan plays Oregon this week, a team that runs a very similar offense to Appalachian State, only the players are a little better overall. I’m expecting Oregon’s garbage coaching staff to lose this game for them, instead of UM rising to the occasion.


(7) Penn State vs. Notre Dame

– I’m expecting this to be a blowout, and like Loverboy, I’ll be loving every minute of it. The PSU defense is probably twice as talented overall as Georgia Tech’s, and twice as intelligent. Tech destroyed Notre Dame. I’m chomping at the bit.

(3) LSU vs. (11) Virginia Tech

– That V-Tech defense is decent, but there’s already a lovefest for them again. They are okay. Nothing great, that’s for sure. And their offense is terrible. Tune in Saturday to see Sean Glennon throw his 76th interception of the past two seasons. The media is all over LSU, hyping them to the moon, but this team looked like they had timing problems on offense, and they were not as cohesive as I thought they’d be. They DO have a new QB from last year, but he started before at LSU. I think this offense is pretty overrated. Defensively, LSU ranks with anyone. They’ll certainly keep a poor Virginia Tech offense out of the endzone.


– Curious about BYU and UCLA. Will my theory of hype-applied-to-Pac-10-teams-to-keep-the-West-Coast-market-entertained be proven true? I’ll take BYU in what many think is an upset. Karl Dorrell is too conservative.

– Nebraska will put a beating on a very over-hyped Wake Forest.

– Former Boston College head coach Tim O’Brien (now the head coach at NC State) goes up against what many people see as an ACC contender in Boston College. They might be the best of a bad lot. Interesting point here is that O’Brien just lost his starting RB to injury, and he is also starting transfer QB Harrison Beck this weekend against his old team. Beck left Nebraska under really weird circumstances. Basically, he missed mommy too much, mommy was vocal like a lot of stupid parents are now in college football, and Beck left the program while the Nebraska players made fun of him the whole time. Boston College is going to murder NC State.

– TCU takes on Texas. if UT comes out as flat as they did against Arkansas State, they will be in for a huge dogfight, and Michael Vick WILL be on hand to electrocute the losers. TCU has one of the best defenses in all of college football, and that staff has a history of beating teams they should not beat. Might be more movement in the top 10, because this is an enormous upset waiting to happen.

Until next time, its like Lloyd Banks said: “His impact is about as raw as crack was.”

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  1. Well, Brom, it appears that you and The Champ are the only Hey Stupid! writers that love nothing more than dropping a Lloyd Banks reference.

    Well done!

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