DB Top 25

Ring the bells of freedom, I am here again to liberate your minds from the shackles of your own idiocy. You will be shocked and awed. Football time is here again, losers. You know what that means? Its time for the DB Top 25.

Here’s the rules, losers.

– You lose, you automatically drop 7 spots.
– If you lose to a ranked team, you drop one spot behind them, UNLESS they have a significant number of losses compared to you. I’ll be the judge of this.
– Former national champion stays at number one until they lose. Does not matter if they lost all 22 starters.

WEEK TWO: (previous rank in parenthesis)

1.) Florida (1)
It is possible that Florida could be ranked 3rd and not get to defend their national title. They are the champs until they lose. They are inherently number 1, not USC or anyone else. Florida won the national championship, and regardless of who they lost in the offseason, it is their spot to lose. They return a ton of players on both sides, and are favorites in the SEC east. Look for Percy Harvin to have a huge year. =WK 2 NOTE= I am seriously impressed with Tebow’s maturity. I love the fact that this kid will lower a shoulder into a senior linebacker and not think twice about it. =WK 3 NOTE= First decent test of the 07 campaign takes place in the swamp versus Tennessee. Expect another UF win over average Tennessee.

2.) USC (2)
Everyone’s sexy pick for number 1 and for national champions. They return a ton of players on both sides, and have probably the best linebacking corps in football. WR and RB are big concerns for this team, however. Don’t buy into the hype about how loaded this team is. Those WR’s need to finally step up, and someone needs to emerge as a quality RB. What will help USC is the fact that the Pac-10 is a complete joke like it is every year. Look for USC to go undefeated and for people to hail Pete Carroll as Jesus again, just like they do with Bowden and Paterno, who built empires off of Duke and Temple for 25 years. =WK 3 NOTE= With an off week coming into the game, plus the fact that Nebraska is still building, USC wins by 17.

3.) LSU (3)
Don’t believe the hype on this team either. Just because a team has strong recruiting doesn’t mean those kids are going to perform. Dorsey is a machine and so is Early Doucet, but this team also has RB issues. 5th year senior Matt Flynn is at the helm, and that’s all well and good, but the kid lost his job to an underclassmen for 2 years. Defensively, they will be strong like usual, but don’t get caught up in this hype. =WK 3 NOTE= Bring your daughter to this weeks slaughter. Nice win last week over annually-overrated V-Tech.

4.) Texas (4)
UT returns a solid QB and decent WR corps. I’m still not sold on their RB’s. The Big 12 south is one of the most interesting areas of BCS football this season. Defensively, UT will be solid, but sooner or later losing D-Coordinators will catch up with you. This might be that year, given McGee’s success at A&M and Texas Tech. The UT secondary will probably be the end-all for this team’s national title chances. =WK 2 NOTE= Looked very lackluster against a bad Arkansas State. =WK 3 NOTE= Good show versus a tough TCU defense.

5.) Oklahoma (5)
This team could be the darkhorse of the top 10 to win the national title. Don’t be fooled by OU’s lack of big-name players in 2007. This team is going to be very good on both sides of the ball, and they are 1 upset win (over UT) from winning the Big 12 this year. They are starting a 3-star freshman QB to run this team. Time will tell. =WK 2 NOTE= UNT made Bradford look like Dan Marino. I use Marino because he’ll never win anything.=WK 3 NOTE= They’re not as good as you think, but they’re pretty good.

6.) Penn State (6)
No favoritism here. If Morelli plays like he did at the end of last season, this offense will be tough to stop for anyone. They have the best WR corps in the Big Ten, and probably the best RB tandem. Rodney Kinlaw has been overshadowed since the day he got up there. Don’t be fooled by this kid’s consistent spot at 2nd on the depth chart: he is very good. PSU also has the best TE in the Big Ten. Defensively, the secondary will be airtight and the LB’s are the best corps east of USC. Only trouble spot is maybe on d-line, but Bradley has his teams prepared. Will Hall and Jay? =WK 2 NOTE= Morelli looked like a different person back there. The defense showed a lot of excitement both on the field and philisophically. =WK 3 NOTE= Still showing weaknesses in areas. PSU’s usual inconsistent play is this team’s achilles heel in 2007.

7.) Louisville (7)
This team could give anyone fits. Expect Kragthorpe to take Louisville higher than Petrino ever could have. =WK 3 NOTE= How about some defense? they’ll need it this week versus Kentucky in a close game.

8.) Ohio State (8)
Everyone is sleeping on Ohio State. They’re recruiting is still great, and they certainly have talent on both sides, but I think this is the year they lose 2-3 games in the conference. =WK 3 NOTE= Haven’t showed much to us yet. They better play their A game this week.

9.) Wisconsin (10)
People can talk about Wisconsin all they want, but the truth of the matter is that this team played 1 good team last year and they got killed by them. =WK 3 NOTE= Nothin’ like a last-second score to beat UNLV.

10.) WVU (13)
It doesn’t get much more overrated than this. =WK 3 NOTE= They’ll destroy a Maryland program who has been getting worse every year.

11.) Nebraska (14)
I’m very curious about this team. I’m expecting them to win the North, and make a nice bowl game. Nebraska is on their way back up. =WK 2 NOTE= Marlon Lucky went wild last week, and expect him to do the same this week against an overrated Wake Forest. =WK 3 NOTE= Have the talent, but this program is very fragile.

12.) California (15)
Correction: it doesn’t get much more overrated than THIS. =WK 2 NOTE= Coming off a big morale boost by beating a bad Tennessee squad that crushed them in 2006. =WK 3 NOTE= They’ll get tested this week versus La Tech.

13.) Florida State (17)
I hope you don’t think FSU is never going to get back to the top. They brought in Jimbo Fisher to run that program when Bowden leaves, and now Chuck Amato is back coaching there. Their recruiting is always sky high. This team has real potential to go undefeated. What a game if UF and FSU are unbeaten going into that last week. =WK 2 NOTE= This team is terrible. But there’s nowhere to go but up. Right? =WK 3 NOTE= Big test versus a Colorado squad that is about as good as they are.

14.) Missouri (18)
Unranked in the AP poll, this might be the best shot (and best team) Missouri has had in a very long time. The time is now in Columbia, but if history tells us anything, Gary Pinkell will find a way to screw it up. =WK 2 NOTE= Looked a little less than stellar against an average Illinois.

15.) Texas A&M (19)
Like Pinkell in the north, so goes Dennis Francione in the south. This team is supposed to be “loaded”, but I don’t see it. McGee is good, RB’s are adequate, but I’ll believe this hype when I see it.

16.) Virginia Tech (9)
Defensively, I’m sold. Offensively, not so much. This program is pretty overrated but I think this year’s defense can make them look better than they really are. =WK 2 NOTE= They have big QB issues, and the defense will do fine in a weak conference. =WK 3 NOTE= This offense is garbage.

17.) Hawaii (20)
They can pretty much beat anybody. =WK 2 NOTE= Brennan threw for 400 yards. He is still a rapist. =WK 3 NOTE= Overcame adversity to win. They have UNLV this week.

18.) Auburn (11)
Brandon Cox is 37 years old. He was the starting QB when Bo Jackson was a freshman. They’ll be good b/c they are always good. =WK 2 NOTE= Barely survived against a mediocre Kansas State. They have issues on both sides.

19.) Arkansas (21)
This team is very, very overrated. You can talk all you want about how they rallied around the new O-Coordinator, but this team is in complete disarray behind the curtains. This will be a bad year, but spirits will go up when McFadden gets drafted 1 overall. =WK 3 NOTE= First lost this year comes to Alabama.

20.) Tennessee (23)
Another average season by Knoxville standards. =WK 2 NOTE= Exposed by Cal, this team is headed south already. They’ll probably finish 3rd in their division, let alone conference. =WK 3 NOTE= Here’s loss number two.

21.) UCLA (25)
Only here because they are better than Georgia. =WK 2 NOTE= Looked decent, but now they face a huge non-BCS test in BYU. This might be the prettiest game of the year. =WK 3 NOTE= Huge win last week, another decent one this week.

22.) Georgia Tech (-)
– Worst coaching staff in the BCS. =WK 3 NOTE= They’re putting up points against bad teams, folks. But I’ll give them a shot with a top 25 rank. They have BC this week, so we’ll see.

23.) TCU (16)
One of the best defenses in football. =WK 3 NOTE= Tough loss to UT, should rebound against Air Farce.

24.) Boston College (-)
– Best of all the remaining teams? =WK 3 NOTE= They’re decent. We’ll find out how good they are this week against G-Tech.

25.) Oregon (-)
=WK 3 NOTE= Here’s your chance, Oregon. Don’t let me down against Fresno.

HONORABLE MENTION: (in no order)

Georgia (n/a)
– They’re a year away from SEC contention. =WK 2 NOTE= Looked impressive versus a quality Oklahoma State team.

– Excellent uniforms. =WK 2 NOTE= mid-major powerhouse looks to get their deserved respect versus overrated UCLA. Go Cougars.

Rutgers (n/a)
– Don’t let the UB defense fool you, this is a 3 loss team.

– Can they upset Ohio State? Yes. Will they? Hmm.

– Coaches are too inconsistent to ever get this team to the top. =WK 2 NOTE= Luckily for them, FSU is awful.

South Carolina
– Big morale boost over Georgia in WK2, but do they have the power to contend?

Michigan (12)
No AP preseason top 25 would be complete without the unsubstantiated lovefest for Michigan. The most overrated and underachieving program in the nation. They return a great WR in Manningham, a solid QB in Henne, and a solid RB in Hart. Defensively, this team has issues. You have to rank them reasonably high based on their talent alone, but this team is not winning any national titles until Carr leaves. They’ll win the Big Ten, but that’s where it stops in 2007. =WK 2 NOTE= Very embarrassing loss to start the season. This might be a 3-4 loss team. =WK 3 NOTE= Can they even beat ND?

Miami (22)
You can talk about young defenses all you want. This LB corps is very talented and SS Kenny Phillips is the best in the business. Randy Shannon is a defensive coach, folks. Don’t buy into the “they’re too young on defense” crap. The problem in Miami was never a lack of talent, it was a lack of motivation and leadership at the top. That’s going to change now. Plus, the ACC sucks. =WK 2 NOTE= They can’t throw worth a dang, but at least they benefit from being in a terrible conference. =WK 3 NOTE= It’s like AC/DC said: Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.

Boise State (24)
They’ll be decent, but don’t expect a BCS spot. =WK 3 NOTE= They lost to a good team, they’ll be fine.

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