Did Donnie Murphy Draw a Line in the Sand?

Donnie Murphy, famed woodsman only surpassed by Ross Mitchell, may have laid a trap for an unsuspecting Brom Bones to fall into. There are steps between my house and the Donnie Murphy residence next door. These said steps lead down into Murphy’s driveway,a quick and easy way for any member of my family to break out into the street. But Donnie Murphy may have other ideas. Perhaps even BLOODY ones. Take a look for yourself. Is this not some crude bear-trap that Murphy concocted in order to kill or capture the Mayor of MySpace? There have been multiple attempts on my life this week; is Donnie Murphy a copycat killer or acting on his own accord? You know what they say… its your bestfriends who stab you in the back. The Murphy’s are a friendly ally to my own family, maybe even a little TOO friendly. Maybe they and the Beaver Oswalt family next door are ALL planning to kill the mayor. I can see it all clearly now. Well, Liberty Park is now on lockdown and I have initiated marshal law. We are in Defcon 5, so do not try to swim at the pool or hang out at Leo’s with Dogman or his weirdo step-son.I will let you all know via telephone when it is safe to drive from Mt Hope to South Fork again, because all passers-by will be stopped at Gruss’s and sexually assaulted. Err what I really meant to say was that you’ll all be frisked and questioned and led away to a secret camp behind Billy Bearer’s trailer where you will be further questioned and murdered. What I really meant to say was that I’ll just sit by my window sharpening my samurai sword me and Mike bought at the Amish flea market. There I sit, and I wait for my attackers, and then like Highlander I take their heads. I have inside me blood of kings.

Here is the trap laid by a vicious neighbor whom I loved and trusted like my own neighbor.

Maybe Donnie Murphy didn’t like the cover I made for his rap album?

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