NFC East Preview.

If Season Goes Awry, Dallas still in Great Shape

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Spring has come and gone. Summer has come and gone. I would say that all of us are ready to put that bobbled snap behind us. A month ago, the news around the Cowboys was very promising, but after a few questionable pre-season offerings, now those crystal clear, NFC East championship waters are getting a little murky. There are a lot of question marks right now, and certainly there are more of them than there are answers. With that being said, the Cowboys, strangely enough, have a little help from their friends, at least going into the season. Maybe those dreams of an NFC East title are not too far from reality after all.

As you know, there are three other franchises in the NFC East. Washington, the New York Giants, and Philadelphia. Objectively, none of those names strike much fear into the upper-class of the NFL. If nothing else, maybe we can become the best of a bad lot. Because, at the end of the day, a title is still a title.

Here you see McNabb modeling the jersey I bought Frankie and Alyssa for their wedding.

The Philadelphia Eagles could be the team that Dallas is in the most contention with for the division. All the experts keep saying that Donovan McNabb is injury prone and over the hill. Even Fantasy Football people shied away from him for the most part. But, sports-loving humanoids adore their selective-memories.

What you do not hear much discussion about, is the fact that Donovan McNabb was having an enormous season last year before he was injured. That seems to have slipped everyone’s minds. Yes, he was injured again, and like with any player, you don’t know how he is going to do. But the guy is back on the roster; he’s the starting quarterback again. He has shown nothing but courage and a will to improve himself, not just through injury, but also post injury.

On that same offense is the most underrated player in the National Football League, Brian Westbrook, another guy who is tagged as injury prone. But, he is not injured. He is the starting running back. Assume, like McNabb, that he will go uninjured, and that the Eagles have their top two offensive weapons.

But this Eagles train stops there.

The strange thing about this is that the Eagles went out and grabbed, in the draft, a back-up quarterback for McNabb (or, insurance policy is a little more accurate): University of Houston standout, Kevin Kolb. Okay, not a bad pick-up. But where this gets odd, is in the approach Filthadelphia took in the wide-receiver position. They basically did nothing to make an “injured” McNabb’s life a little easier, or Kolb’s life as he transitions to the NFL, in whatever role he plays this season.

Kevin Curtis is a decent player, but hardly someone that should be near the top of your receiving corps. The bottom line here is that even with McNabb and Westbrook at full tilt, the gap between their level of talent and that of the rest of the offense will be deafening.

The good thing about Clinton Portis dressing like an idiot, is that it momentarily takes people’s laughter away from the Redskins’ front office.

Where do you even start with the Washington Redskins?

I suppose you need to address them as a quality opponent, based on the fact that they have some worthwhile players on both sides.

But, like usual, are these players going to play well together? What has history taught us, here?

It has taught us that this is one of the worst franchises in the NFL. A pig in a suit is still a pig, folks. It does not matter how much money you throw around, this is, and will always be, a team sport, not a sport where a “who’s who” of overpriced and overrated free agents can manifest itself into a quality unit. This franchise has made considerable blunder after considerable blunder in the offseason. If they would have talked to one Steelers’ fan, that person would have told them they were nuts for paying Randle-El that kind of money.

There was a quote the other day by someone in the Redskins organization that went to the effect of “Yes! We finally landed our quarterback on the defense.”

What makes you think that London Fletcher-Baker is somehow different than the other 200 players Washington blew a billion dollars on? Is it really rocket-science to understand that, after years of failed attempts using the same strategy, that maybe it is worth your while to try some other method?

Maybe start with a head coach who has a clue about today’s game, and build a team from there. Hey, I’m just an internet critic. Sure, there is some talent here, but at the end of the day, this comes back to patterns with coaches and with management. I cannot stress enough, and this is a perfect example, of how much we are creatures of habit and pattern. In sports, especially so.

What makes you think this year is any different? This franchise is never going to be taken seriously until the whole front office gets flushed down the toilet.

He’s basically a piece of shit. Off the field, too.

How will the Giants ever limp into this season without their legendary running-back Tiki Barber?

If I could find my camera-phone I’d take a picture so you could see how tongue-in-cheek that sentence really was. If nothing else, I am excited for this season simply because the Tiki Barber lovefest is a little less vomit-inducing than it was six months to a year ago.

How about this one: Barber managed to get himself on the ‘Cash Cab’ television show as an advisor to one of the participants. Now, for someone who passes himself off being as intelligent as Barber does, when asked what Steinbeck novel had the character “Tom Joad”, he threw out ‘Lonesome Dove’. Pretty far off the mark for such an intellectual giant. To me, this is the Tiki Barber I remember: the one who drops the ball all the time. Now there is word that he said Coughlin “forced him out of football”? This gets stranger each time we hear something about Barber.

Back to the upcoming season, to replace this legendary hero, the Giants went with heir-apparent Brandon Jacobs, who experts seem to drift back and forth over. As added insurance, they brought in a serviceable back-up, underrated Reuben Droughns. Handing off to the running back will once again be Eli Manning…

Like I said, Dallas is in an excellent position to either be a good enough team to out-right win this division, or else be the best of a bad lot. Defensively, the Giants are happy to have Strahan back, but how can any objective viewer not question if his mind and heart are actually in this? Regardless, this defense is in the bottom-tier of the league.

It is a unique situation. The Cowboys could be one of the top teams in the whole NFC, or they could mess around and end up at the bottom. This is a transition year for the whole team, staff included, but they have an unusual amount of help from these other lackluster franchises in 2007. There is a case here for this to be the best conference to be in this year. Getting to the post-season, regardless of how the regular season turns out for Dallas, is both attainable and probable. And as everyone says, from there, it is a whole new season.

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