Why has “Patriot” become synonymous with “Redneck Asshole”?

Look, I now that recently I have been picking on September 11th a lot lately because of the whole “Patriot Day” thing, but this goes far beyond that.

Why is it that the word “Patriot” has become synonymous with the phrase “Redneck Asshole”, or more to the point, “Uneducated, Ignorant, Close-minded, Rediculos Redneck Asshole”? Seriously, for EXACTLY six years now every Billy-Bob and Jimmy-Joe, sister fuckin’ Sidehack huckin, moonshine suckin good ol’ boy out there has been letting ther mouth-ass flap and the vocal diarrhea spew out and calling it patriotic.

It doesn’t just have to do with this bull shit holiday either. If I see one more fucking eagle, flag, yellow ribbon or bumper sticker that has any caption on it with the words “troops”, “defend”, “home”, “pride”, “illegal”, “pray”, “god” “boot”, “up”, “your”, “ass” or “no” in it I am going to stop that vehicle in traffic and mouth rape every occupant. God help them if they have a gun rack or are listening to country music as I will shit in their mouths after the rape is over.

Still not getting what I am talking about yet? Look at these assholes.

Americans Against Amnesty For Illegals

I Speak English!

Random Assholes Being Assholes

Minutemen HQ


Another Random Asshole

The biggest Douchefuck in the World

I seriously can’t take this hillbilly bullshit anymore. Most of this shit that’s smeared all over the place is just as bad as all the “Southern Pride” bullshit that’s been pissing me off since day one.

4 responses to “Why has “Patriot” become synonymous with “Redneck Asshole”?

  1. hey man, shut up you damn yanky ill sic my possums on y’all

    lol just kidding.

    I’m a Quebec native who has to live around this “smeared poo stew” known as “southern pride”. I immigrated to the united states of America about 4 years ago to better my English speaking. So i moved to North Carolina cause the tickets were cheap. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE! This place is the epidomy of a “Billy-Bob and Jimmy-Joe, sister fuckin’ Sidehack huckin, moonshine suckin good ol’ boy shit hole”. I cant help but laugh my way into the course of a speeding shirtless hillbilly’s 18-wheeler when i see any thing that says “southern pride” on their bumper sticker.

    I’m so glad that someone thinks the same thing.

  2. Hey buddy, i live in Scotland and get to travel quite often and here’s the thing. You possibily think the Nu-American-’bout-time-we-got-arr-land-back-Patriotism is bad but what would you say if i told you you can easily find 20-something redneck wannabes, flannel shirts and all the usual outfit, stinking of racism and bigotry, walking around European streets sporting the Confederate Rebel Flag (more often than not alongside the Union Jack), ranting about immigrants, Muslims, pretty much everyone in broken English in a faux Southern accent while listening to some Eurodance-meets-Hank-Williams shite? Yea that’s some of what i’ve witnessed in Scandinavia and, to a lesser extent, the UK. It’s just that bad mate. I seriously think the world’s been getting worse and worse since 9/11. So much that i find myself surprised not to see some random troll calling you an anti-American, illegal alien-loving prick or anything.

  3. ILoveLuckyCharms

    Marry me.

  4. Is that a formal offer, Charms?

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