Movie View: The Crow- Wicked Prayer

The Crow Wicked Prayer, Wicked Sucked.It was a complete waste of 93 minutes.Edward Furlong as the Crow…no that doesn’t work.The movie takes place in mexico, so we get to see lots of filthy spics in this one.Danny Trejo without a shirt and tons of bad acting.The ONLY relief in this movie was Dennis Hopper as the pimp…fucking hilarious. Everything else, total crap.They threw the word “fuck” in a few times, and some spots of blood to make it rated R i guess.Thats enough with the Crow movies…they have blown ass after the second one, so let’s just leave it at that.Based off a book or not, THIS MOVIE SUCKS.I can’t believe they killed trees to publish such a crappy story about the crow, then waste film making a movie about it. Dennis Hopper gave this movie a star. 1 out of 10. Booooooo.
– StraTT

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