Movie View: Rob Zombie’s Halloween


The title of this movie, is exactly what this movie is. “Rob Zombie’s” Halloween. Rob Zombie seems to think that everyone in America is poor white trash. He seems to have a strange obsession with poor white people. All of his movies have them, and so does this one. The first half of the film we focus on a young Mike Myers and his tragic home life. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Myers never spoke, then killed his family ect. ect…

Well in this film he talks. Probably too much.He’s supposed to be this young innocent boy with a twisted mind…then slowly turns into a raging killer. So the first half is pretty much just that, about his life as a poor white trash youngin’. He goes nuts, kills his family, and gets sent to a mental institution where he escapes 17 years later to get to know the only person left in his family…his younger sister.

This movie is full of garbage, and a lot of it is unnecessary. This is pretty much a standard Rob Zombie film, only taking a classic character and destroying it. It’s like a choppy sick soft core porn with killing. Why am I complaining you ask? Because theres no need for any of it. None of it has anything to do with the story at all. I know in a lot of the old slasher flicks, thats what it was about, and I think Zombie used that as an excuse to make a soft core porn Halloween remake. But he could have been better then that.This COULD have been a great movie.

I liked his last film, The Devil’s Rejects. How often do you get to see the bad guys get a taste of their own medicine? You don’t. Thats what made the film great.

Theres no surprises here ladies and gents. I guess it’s worth seeing, just to compare it to the original movie. But like I stated earlier, it’s like 2 films in one, and it just doesn’t work for some reason.I dunno, but I really didn’t care for this movie. The Rape scene (which has been cut out for the theatrical release) was barbaric, and completely worthless. The only relevance the scene has, is it explains how Myers escapes from the funny farm.

You know it’s bad when one of the rapist redneck’s actually says “I got me a real fucking bonified idear.” Give me a fucking break. the world doesn’t care about white trash hillbilly’s raping a handicapped girl. But I digress, since none of you will see this scene until the “unrated” DVD comes out probably in the spring. Makes sense right? Release “Halloween” in theaters on August 31st, then put it out on DVD in the spring.You know, nowhere NEAR Halloween.

Here’s my summary, the movie is just a waste to be honest. It’s really just me picking apart something I think Rob Zombie ruined. Now don’t get me wrong, the original Halloween films were NOT the greatest, but at least they had dignity. Go ahead and see it, just to compare it to the originals, but this is not a remake, this is Zombie’s version of the film. Least, thats what I think.

Sorry Rob, but you missed the mark on this one. I’d tell you not to quit your day job, but you’re terrible at that too.

3 out of 10 stars.

– StraTT

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