Bad Kids Costumes

Every year there are literally 1000’s of new costumes created by various companies to dress up your children in. For the most part the quality control guys wave everything through because if your little brat wants to be dressed up in it to go out and disturb people for sweets, you’ll inevitably shell out the $20- $60 for it to keep them from screaming.

In some situations though some costumes are so god awful they get dropped from production lines. Here are a few of those.


This costume doesn’t start off sounding like a bad idea until you realize that it is literally made from rotten meat. This rancid collection of muscle mass is taken from meat that the FDA has deemed unfit for human consumption. Not only would your child get authentic feeling of diseased beef and pork directly on their skin, but they would get to experience the excitement of neighborhood dogs and other carnivorous creatures chasing them down.

KKK Nazi Man

Mel Gibson was the original inspiration for this get up. It was originally going to be marketed in conjunction with the release of, “The Passion of the Christ 2: Christ Strikes Back”, but after his Anti- Jew remarks the idea was scrapped. To fill the void of a hate themed costume a white jumpsuit with a pointed hood was designed and designated “Southernman”. Unfortunately after realizing that no one in their right mind even want to PRETEND to be from the south they combined both costumes to create this…mess.

Lil’ Congressional Prostitute


Now you too can sache around like a little tramp while picking up conservative representatives! Take campaign funds from a Michigan Representative in exchange for a hand job! Accept PAC money from a Georgia Senator in exchange for a golden shower. Go door-to-door in this costume, and in the right neighborhood you might get more of a treat than just candy!”

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One response to “Bad Kids Costumes

  1. LMAO, Love Southernman, thats funny shit.

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