Band of the Week- 9/17/07 Halloween Edition Part 1

This week’s band is none other than the godless gods of metal mayhem…SLAYER!

Founded by Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King, Slayer rose to fame with their 1986 release Reign in Blood, which has been called “the heaviest album of all time”.

Slayer is one of the few bands in the world that has such rampant fans that you will never hear them say just the name of the band. From the mouth of a true Slayer fan its never going to be just “Slayer” instead you will always hear, “Fucking Slayer!” and if there is more than one in the room the follow up will inevitably be “Fuck yeah man!, usually followed by a discussion of how crazy they are.

20 responses to “Band of the Week- 9/17/07 Halloween Edition Part 1

  1. Fuckin’ Slayer!

  2. A Slayer is the best group in all world.

  3. theguythatsaysfuckyeahman

    Fuck yeah man!

  4. Fuckin slayer


  6. slayer is not for pussies

  7. Slayer is pretty good 🙂

  8. fuckin A RAINING BLOOD!!!!

  9. Slayer The Last But Not The Least . Fuck Bless ’em All

  10. Who can live without slayer??

  11. Slaaaaaayyyya! Kerry fukn king!

  12. fuckin slayer words from skitzer dan

  13. Hell Awaits.. .SLAYER

  14. slayer fuckin rock

  15. skitzer dan

    slayer pure fucking metal at its heaviest

  16. funking slayer is the best band ever


  18. slayer are good tight,fast, intelligent&and have lyrik u can under stand

  19. Yeah, nuts – can’t believe Slayer might disband! Well, actually, I’m not all that surprised Eh, I found this great article on the band on Star 987’s site-check it out!

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