Top 10 Horror Movie Hotties

Hey Stupid has become just as well known for its taste in women as it is in its taste in cheesy topics like Scott Bakula and Halloween. When I was a young boy I realized very early on the I LOVED horror films. I would tell my mom to rent them for me because in my house, swearing and violence in a movie was o.k. for a little kid, but not nudity. Well little did my mom know that amongst the blood soaked butchery boobies were unbound and bouncing. Here are my top ten Scream Queens to tug one off too.

10) Linnea Quigley

9) Suzi Lorraine

8) Melissa Bacelar

7) Cerina Vincent

6) Sherri Moon Zombie

5) Alana Curry

4) Krista Grotte

3) Nastassja Kinski

2) Jordan Ladd

1) Barbara Leigh

See more of these horror movie hotties HERE.

4 responses to “Top 10 Horror Movie Hotties

  1. Fix the photo of krista Grotte- she’s my # 1 HOTTIE DAMN!!!!!!!!

  2. Krista Grotte is MINE TOO- Cant WAIT to see her in Death on Demand-heard She’s NUDE!!!!!!!!!

  3. vow

  4. me got wood

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