Treehouse Of Horror


Not only are the Simpsons the longest, and probably greatest running television show of all time, but the annual “Treehouse Of Horror” episodes are probably the greatest Halloween specials EVER.

Back in the fall of 1990, we got our first glimpse of the Simpsons Halloween special “Treehouse Of Horror.”Each year, they churn out a new special, each consisting of 3, 5-7 minute mini stories. I’m sure anyone who’s anyone, already knows this. So let’s start.

Treehouse Of Horror I

1.”Bad Dream House”

The first story, is a parody of everyone’s favorite hell house from the classic film “The Amityville Horror , AND the film poltergeist.Great story. One of my favorite moments is Maggie carrying the knife in her mouth as the family circle each other eager to kill.The house talking to the family was a great run as well, and Bart telling it to “make the walls bleed”, “come on man do it”. At the end Marge tells the house the family isn’t leaving and he will have to learn to live with them…he asks for a moment alone, then destroys himself rather then live with them. as Lisa said “you can’t help but feel a little rejeted”.


2. “Hungry Are The Damned”

For our second story, we get to meet for the first time the greatest aliens ever, Kang and his sister Kudos. The aliens beam the Simpsons onto a space ship, where Lisa thinks they are trying to eat them. There was never a conclusion if they were actually trying to eat them or not. But this is one of my favorite Simpsons sketches, and has one of my favorite quotes: “You would have experienced emotions 1000 times greater then what you call fun, and million times greater then what you call love, you would have been treated like Gods and lived forever in beauty. But now, because of your distrustful nature, that can never be.”


3. “The Raven”

A perfect, and damn near word for word recap of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”, could not have been done any better then Simpsons style. The poem is almost exact to the original, and the lighting and colors of this sketch are amazing. For an animated sitcom, and this one in particular that’s 17 years old, it’s still a classic and always will be in Simpsons history.If you’ve never seen it, I advise you go to youtube and check it out, it’s priceless.

Well, thats the very first Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror. It’s a classic, and to this day is still amazing and funny. They have made 16 more of these fabulous episodes, and they are definitely worth seeing. These are some great episodes that will go down in television history.If you’ve never seen them before (especially the older ones) go get the dvd’s and watch them. You will love them. Or I will kill you. They are classic, creepy, and funny all at the same time.

– StraTT

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