Cowboys Wk 2: Tony Curtis, and Takin’ Care of Business

“There’s something to be said for a team who wins all the games they’re supposed to.” A great man (my friend Ross) said that to me long ago about a Texas program who seemed destined to win the silver every year in the Big 12, instead of the gold.

After thinking about that for awhile, he is pretty much spot-on with that one. You only have so many games to become eligible for the playoffs in the NFL. This league is getting more competitive all the time. In a league like that, there’s not a whole lot of room for error. That is why it is imperative to take advantage of the hand you have been dealt by the schedule makers.

After pulling away from the Giants last week, a divisional and season-opening contest, the Cowboys were able to draw a struggling Miami team in Week Two. Despite the injury bug that is plaguing the Cowboys, they were able to go down there to South Beach and take care of business. The Bachman Turner Overdrive would have been pleased with the performance.

Romo was once again able to maintain a consistent aerial attack and find multiple targets, completing about half of his passes for 186 yards and two TD’s. He was able to find seven different receivers, one of which was Tony Curtis. Through a very secret process of reverse aging, yes, it is the exact same Tony Curtis who was a 1960’s Hollywood heartthrob. I have no more details on this matter.


Patrick Crayton was not one of the seven receivers who caught a pass this week, but he did manage to have a fumble, so congratulations on that one.

Romo even scrambled for 36. Barber and Jones combined to put up the rushing production that is characteristically needed to win games in this league, together 29 carries for 141 yads and two TD’s for Barber. The starting running-back controversy continues.

The Marion Barbershop Quartet.

When injured and still feeling-out your team, it is nice to draw an opponent who has even more problems than you do. Miami, as such, is a perfect example of this. A new head coach, new system, a quarterback who is signed right before the season, those are all elements for disaster, at least at first. A Dallas secondary who showed a lot of weaknesses last week was able to capitalize on the inefficiency and mistakes that come along with the early-season woes Miami is facing right now.

The Dolphins were still able to pass for more yards than what Dallasities would have liked, but although not overly impressive, the coaching staff was able to make enough minor adjustments to put the secondary in a position this week not to lose. Anthony Henry came away with two picks. Jacques Reeves continues to play above everyone’s expectations and hold his own. Roy Williams came away with an interception of his own. Ken Hamlin had a pick as well and looked like the Ken Hamlin we knew from that quality Seahawks’ defense, not the mystery player we saw last week dressed in Hamlin’s uniform. And Terrance Newman got to relax another week.

Maybe he can even have another week off.

The Week Three match-up takes Dallas northward to Chicago for the Sunday night game on NBC. Dallas is getting exactly what they need in order to sustain progress until the injuries are gone. They’ve been able to win the two games they were supposed to win, over what are largely considered as second-tier teams, and do it in pretty good fashion, for the most part.

The only time Grossman is the best football player in the room. And I think I may have had sex with that girl on the left.

Chicago lost in Week One to a San Diego team that looked absolutely clueless when they went up against a good opponent in Week Two. This Chicago offense is less than fearsome to say the least, and the Cowboys should have no trouble being able to stop Grossman from moving the ball downfield through the air. On the ground, Benson looked decent against the worst team in the NFL in Week Two. Defensively, this Chicago team is overrated in 2007, and can and will be exposed multiple times this season. One of those instances should come Sunday night.

From what we have seen in the first two weeks of this season, not only are the Chicago Bears not, as yet, the Super Bowl contender the media would like them to be, but they look like they might be the worst team in their division. This is another chance against what seems like an average team for the Cowboys to get the ball rolling for divisional competition. You have to win the games you’re supposed to win, and although they will not be favored by much (if at all) this is a game Dallas can and should win. Just have to tackle Devin Hester, which is apparently a lot harder than it seems.

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