Halloween Costumes 2007

I have been surfing the internet recently for parts for my new, ultimate bad ass costume that I am designing this year. I have noticed almost every Halloween costume website has a section labeled “New for 2007”. So come with me won’t you and take a look at new costumes for 2007. Keep an eye on this piece as I will continue to update it as I find more stuff to talk about.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow

Hey, look. I came to your party and I even came in costume. I was sure to make sure that my costume fell in to a current trend so that if there are any drunk college chicks here I can try and get them in to my pants with clever lines like “Arr you want to shiver me timber?” and “I’m a pirate searchin fer booty, yar.”

This costume comes to us from halloweenexpress.com and sells for$99.95 plus shipping and tax. Honestly as far as dressing up like Johnny Depp dressing up as a pirate goes, this isn’t to bad. It shouldn’t be as it is officially licensed by Disney which mean that the Mousemaster stood over his Mousketeers with a whip in one hand and a cattle prod in the other in a scene reminiscent of the mines in Temple of Doom to make sure attention was paid to the details. I will never ever be cool with some one buying a costume for a recently popular movie and thinking they are bad ass. First of all if you want to give tribute to a movie that’s fine, but make it a classic movie that you loved growing up and not something you saw for the first time 3 months ago, and second and I can’t stress this enough…MAKE your costume. It’s o.k. to buy stuff from Halloween stores to accent the costume, but put it together yourself.

The Snake Charmer

This one is also available at halloweenexpres.com and sells for $54.99 plus tax and shipping. I actually really like this costume. I’m sure every person I see wearing it will be the guy at the bar/party that hasn’t had a steady girlfriend…ever and thinks they are just so funny that every woman wants them, but that shouldn’t take away from the costume. I mean, it’s a snake dick. Hell I would buy it just to have the snake dick pants to walk around in long after Halloween is over, wear it at random times for no good reason what so ever.

Big Bad Wolf

For this costume, head over to costumesupercenter.com. I’m not really sure why this is a newcostume, but apparently it is. I always liked going as the big bad wolf over just Wolf Man. Hell when I was in college I dressed as the Big Bad Wolf Pimp and my girlfriend was Little Red Riding Ho. This costume will run you $104.99 plus tax and shipping, and from everything I have seen seems to be made pretty well. My main complaints with this costume are the fact that the tail is connected to the night gown, I think it would have been cooler if it were connected to a belt then poked out through a hole in the costume, and the fact that the wolf mask looks more like a cartoon cat. For $105 they should probably just send you one of the Korean kids that makes them to make you and costume you want.

Champion Cock Fighter

Want a costume that screams, “Hey! We want you to buy this costume because you think you’re a Family Guy fan and you and your frat boy buddies were just talking about how Peter fights the chicken, but we couldn’t get the rites to make that, so since the new Rocky movie we already made costumes for sucked so bad since Rocky was like 9000 years would we just took out the Rocky mask and added a chicken head”? Then you NEED to get over to costumesupercenter.com to buy this beauty at only $60 plus tax and shipping.

Dog: The Bounty Hunter

I never thought I could hate anything that had to do with Dog, but frightcatalog.com managed to prove me wrong. About the only thing this costume has to do with Dog is the fact that it says”Dog” right on it like one of those lame plastic costumes they make for kids. Obviously this was just a shitty “biker” costume that was laying around from years past that they wrote “Dog” on because it doesn’t look like anything Duane Chapman wears. The costume should have had something that looked more like a bullet proof vest, the beaded arm bands he wears and the feather strings in the hair. The wig probably could be more accurate too instead of just a recycled hooker wig. But I guess if you are dumb enough to pay $37 for this you deserve what you get.

Cobra Commander

I was thrilled to see this when I saw the thumbnail on the front page of mooncostumes.com but truth be told once I saw the $298 price tag I almost threw up. Don’t get me wrong, it seems pretty damn spot on as far as the costume goes, but I can MAKE this costume for less $50 and I can promise it will look more authentic.


Because nothing says “LET MY CANDY GO!” like the leader of God’s chosen people, at least that’s what the people over at starcostumes.com think. I gotta say though, at only $26.00 plus shipping it’s a pretty good deal. Now keep in mind all you get is the under robe, waist tie, and robe, but you probably couldn’t find that stuff any cheaper at a store, and you can use it with anything. You could be Jesus, Zombie Jesus, Father Time, Weird Robe Guy or just about anything else you could use the robe for. It would have been extremely helpful for my Tit Head costume 2 years ago.

Well that’s all for now, be sure to check back for more updates as we get closer to Halloween.

In the meantime be sure to check out Bad Ideas for Kids Costumes

5 responses to “Halloween Costumes 2007

  1. I would really like to see an Anerican Gladiator costume designed, for both men and women! I’ve been searching everywhere.. looks like Im gonna have to have one made myself…

  2. Unfortunately in my search I wasn’t able to find any. My guess would be to plan early and make your own. If you do though, be sure to send me a photo of it. also, check out https://heystupid.wordpress.com/2007/09/18/an-american-gladiator-halloween/

  3. I’d love some directions on how to go about purchasing and making my own Cobra Commander outfit.

  4. perhaps we can do a story on this.

  5. i am looking for a evil knievel costume….HELP!!!

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