Why You Should Always Root Against Notre Dame.

I am absolutely at a loss for words with this, and you all know that’s a big thing for me to say.

Let me start with this: Notre Dame fires their head coach for reasons that most fans and media-types think were pretty poor reasons to get rid of the guy. They hire a coach from an NFL franchise that just won 3 Super Bowls. Notre Dame throws an insane amount of money at this guy, and then, a few games into his contract, this blowhard head coach has the audacity to start playing childish games with the Notre Dame faithful. All these rumors, which were planted by Weis and his agent, started floating around about him possibly pursuing that Giants job. All of a sudden Charlie Weis gets a contract extension worth more money than the Maltese Falcon.

Then Notre Dame goes to TWO straight BCS games and Charlie Weis gets the credit for it. Who do you think recruited the players that Weis went to 2 BCS games with, in his first 2 years as head coach? Let me put it this way: if there were any kids on those BCS teams who were recruited by the Obese Falcon Charlie Weis, would Notre Dame be crying “inexperience” right now and still not scored an offensive TD in 3 games? Give me a freakin’ break with this.

Here’s another excuse I’ve been hearing: “well those linemen aren’t Charlie Weis’s linemen.” Really? Well, if those 5 starters are not his kids, and Charlie Weis is such a genius coach, where in the hell are the linemen HE recruited? Shouldn’t they be playing instead of the kids who are getting blown off the ball every down? Yes, those linemen were there when Willingham was there, but if Weis is so great, why can’t he make those kids any better, OR, better yet, why isn’t he playing his own linemen if they are such great prospects? Have you seen that Notre Dame line? I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen offensive tackles look that absolutely clueless. Did you not practice all offseason? Where were you when other kids were starting ahead of you? Did you not watch one single down on the sidelines? That position is not rocket science. There is no doubt in my mind that there are more intelligent linemen at Portage or Blacklick Valley.

Notre Dame has lost 9 straight bowl games. In some of those bowl losses, it was not even close. You wanna talk about fair play, and how we need a playoff? Is there any better example of how we need a FAIR system than to see Notre Dame beat up on garbage programs for 9 of 12 weeks and then go 9-3 and make it to a BCS game?

Notre Dame gets opportunities because of their national alumni, not because their football program is any good. It is a complete travesty that other, “lesser known” programs get harnessed in an effort to make more money from placing Notre Dame in bowl positions. Jim Brown said in ‘Any Given Sunday’ (which is one of the most underrated, intelligent films ever made, and also the best sports movie ever made) that football was ruined the first time they cut away to a commercial. As far as sports go, that’s the realest thing I ever heard, it has never been put more simply or truthfully.

Those disasters, more commonly referred to as “Notre Dame’s bowl performances”, bring me right to my next point. Enter Athletic Director Kevin White, who, in an interview last season, admitted that Notre Dame is actively looking for “GAMES THAT ARE MORE CONDUCIVE TO SUCCESS”. Does anyone out there need me to spell that out for them? I know there’s some McCort people who didn’t get much education in high school, so I’ll tell you what that means: It means that Notre Dame is going to start scheduling even worse teams than they usually do.

What have we been hearing in 2007? “Oh God, look at the murderous schedule Notre Dame has this year.” Really? Let’s take a look at that. Georgia Tech is a team who got preseason press for the first time in a millenium. That team is so overrated it isn’t even worth discussing. They have the worst coaching staff in the BCS, they have made poor decision after poor decision since the day Chan Gailey took over down there. Like Pitt, the reason Tech struggles is not because of effort. It is because their coaches constantly set them up for failure. This is a team who will lose multiple games in the weakest BCS conference, the ACC, alone. Georgia Tech absolutely sucks. Penn State and Boston College are better this year than they usually are. That’s nobody’s fault. Notre Dame ends the season with Navy, a team they beat 42 straight times (how you can justify that as a rivalry) another military school in Air Farce, and 2 of the worst schools in the BCS: Duke and Stanford. They also play Purdue and UCLA, and even on a down year, there is never a reason why Notre Dame will lose to Purdue. Purdue sucks. UCLA sucks. Michigan State looks a little improved but will probably still lose 4 conference games. So who does Notre Dame have that a Notre Dame team cannot beat in every other year besides 2007? USC and Michigan. So cry me a river. By the time you play UCLA and Purdue, those teams will be scrambling for the Sheetz Bowl to get to play Clarion.

Bottom line: That schedule is not murderous unless you are playing the NFC East with a team full of toddlers. Or, if you haven’t scored an offensive touchdown in 3 games.

But as if that wasn’t enough, here’s the clincher. Demetrius Jones, who was sold a lemon by the 800 lb car-salesman coach at Notre Dame, lied to all offseason by him, decided he wanted to transfer to Northern Illinois. THE KID IS FROM CHICAGO. Now, all of a sudden, Northern Illinois is somehow a huge threat to Notre Dame. Kevin White and the rest of the sleezeballs at Notre Dame, got pissed off because Jones talked a little, tiny bit of trash on Charlie Weis and ND this past week. The kid definitely held back from what he really wanted to say. But, still, that small amount of slander was enough for those bozos to tell that kid they were not going to release him from his scholarship. You know why? Because Kevin White wants to schedule Northern Illinois, and somehow a kid who was not even good enough to start on your team, is going to give away all the secrets to a MAC school that you have never been in conflict with, or ever will be! They told him “we’ll make a list of places YOU’RE ALLOWED to transfer to.” What in the hell gives these people the power to tell that kid where he can go to college? Why is there even an allowance of them doing this to him?

Off the top of my head alone, there’s some reasons why you should love seeing Notre Dame get hammered every week. Maybe Notre Dame’s problem is the fact that Charlie Weis can’t coach on his own. Maybe the problems up there are that the defense has been the laughing stock of the NCAA since the day Weis got there. I hope they lose to Michigan State by 700 points.

One response to “Why You Should Always Root Against Notre Dame.

  1. Has Weis ever heard about JUCO transfers. He acts like he is forced only to use Willingham’s recruits for the next 10 years. Too many excuses.

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