Mr. Pumpkin: Behind The Murder

Mr. Pumpkin was born on Halloween day, 1999 in the very first Zarnaxx comics holiday special. In this short 8 page comic, we see his creation and almost everything Mr. P is all about. By today’s standards (and even 8 years ago) the comics are drawn poorly and the stories are fairly simple.

As the comics went on I went from a simple serial killer, to a beast who wanted nothing more then to kill all humans and destroy the earth.Mr. Pumpkin’s reason for being such a sick lunatic, is that his birth was an accident. He was created from a mixture of chemical waste and human chromosomes, this making him a freak to all of mankind.

Mr. Pumpkin thinks he is an intelligent killer, but really he’s sloppy and not very bright. I came up with the idea at the end of the first comic that I wanted him to die by his own hand. After that, I decided to make it a runner in all the comics that followed.

I made it up to 4 complete stories, and 3 mini stories with Mr. P. I started working on “Mr. Pumpkin 5 – Thy Kingdom Come…Thy Will Be Done. On Earth!” but haven’t finished it yet. Hopefully in the weeks to come I will be able to post the rest of the series, as well as the Halloween special comics.

Halloween Special No. 1, October 1999

“Mr. Pumpkin”

The very first issue. The comic starts with two trucks crashing into each other, spilling the chemical waste and human remnants on the streets mixing into a mutating slime that spills onto a pumpkin creating our fiend. He goes on a killing spree, blows up city hall, then kills himself by triping onto his own knife.

Mr. Pumpkin No. 1, December 1999

“Mr. Pumpkin Kills Christmas”

This comic, is where the stories seem to get a little more far fetched. Mr. pumpkin is brought back to life by the book of souls (a book that can take a soul from Hell and place it into a living organism) and decides to go on a rampage during Christmas. He even kills Santa, then falls down a chimney and burns to death.This was the very first appearance of the book of souls, which is in every comic since. It is the only explanation of how Mr. Pumpkin keeps coming back from hell. It’s either genius or lazy. You decide.

Mr. Pumpkin No. 2, March 2000

“A Hatred For All Mankind”

In this story, I wanted to create another pumpkin character for him to team up with, then end up fighting in the end. So that’s exactly what I did. Mr. Pumpkin gets brought back to life in his old tattered body, and needs a new one. He uses the book of souls to bring a soul from hell to help him. The two go on a killing spree, then end up turning against each other. After Mr. P rips the other one in half with a radio antenna, he holds it high in the air where he gets struck by lightning and blown to bits.

Mr. Pumpkin No. 3, April 2000

“Mr. Pumpkin 4 – Mr. Pumpkin’s Revenge”

This is probably the most complicated story thus far in the series. A group that call themselves the Sculls, bring Mr. Pumpkin back to life to use him as weapon against humanity. He goes off into Bacoon city (this is the name of the city in ALL the comics) to do some killing. He becomes leader, and is given a cape and a throne. The government gets involved, thus calling forth two generic characters I created called Claremount and Devvo.I want to use these characters more and give them a little background later on. C and D go through the mountain of skulls (Ghostbusters II reference) and find Mr. P is behind the entire thing. A battle breaks out and Mr. P is killed by a falling stalagmite, and peace is restored to Bacoon.

“Mr. Pumpkin X”

Was a side story I had done in a Halloween special a few years later.Mr. Pumpkin ends up shooting himself in the face with a gun.

“Mr. Pumpkin Vs. Ekto”

I had originally created a character named Boney, who would pop out of the ground every Halloween and greet any near by trick or treaters. Then he would flip out and kill them for no reason at all.

Well, I decided i wanted to do a “Freddy Vs. Jason” type comic, so i put this together. Mr. Boney, (who’s name now is Ekcto) needed help killing the mob for murdering his family (which is why he returns from the grave every year), so he brought Mr. Pumpkin from hell to help him. The two team up and kill the mob boss, then chaos ensues.I won’t get into much detail but it’s one o my favorite Mr. P comics to date.

“Mr. Pumpkin’s Horror Movie Madness”

Mr. Pumpkin interviews horror movie icons, part of Halloween special comic.

Mr. Pumpkin No. 4

“Thy Will Be Done…On Earth!”

Not completed.

“The Mr. Pumpkin Project”

Part of Halloween Special comic, Blair Witch spoof.

“Bride Of Pumpkinstein”

Not completed.

“The Knight Of Halloween!”

Near Completion. Mr. Pumpkin Vs. Ekto, Vs. Malice.

“The Bacoon Chainsaw Massacre”


“The Gardens Rejects”


Well thats it so far. I know some are not completed, or even started yet, but hopefully since I’m in the Halloween mood I can get them completed. I will have the completed ones on Hey Stupid!, and one day I plan on re-doing ALL of them so look good. As E-Rokk once said, “We need to go to college for animation, those comics aren’t supposed to be drawn like that.”

– StraTT

2 responses to “Mr. Pumpkin: Behind The Murder

  1. Man, Reading this REALLY makes me want to bring back the Assassins. We need to get together at some point, write a new story and relaunch them. Make them just as cheesy as they were originally, only this time not write ourselves into a corner that we can’t get out of by the fifth issue.

  2. We could also do an L3A Mr. Pumpkin crossover. That would be sweet.

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