Frankenstein Vs. Einstein




From the Zarnaxx Comics “Halloween Special No. 1”.

Notice how stein is spelled wrong in EVERY frame.

Even in the frame where it’s underlined.

Truly terrible.

And yes i know that Einstein didn’t create the light bulb. That was a joke that no one got.

The floating eyes have gone on to kill other famous people, hopefully i can get them uploaded soon.


2 responses to “Frankenstein Vs. Einstein

  1. This is so awful I actually puked in my mouth. Thank you sir. That is why I love you.

  2. hey hey this is ,marcie and i am not vefry happy wiv this name stupid or sumin not nise andd omg will u go on a date wiv e i livce at 78 gkaisdale close in leicester init and if we get to now each uva bedda we can get m,asrried

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