“Everyone Needs to Calm Down.”

Anyone read that tear-filled press-conference that SlowPa had on Tuesday? Here’s a few tidbits.

Call down, everybody, 0-2 in conference play is right where we want to be. We are headed straight to the Texas Bowl to play Baylor when we are both 6-6. Hey, who cares, its a bowl bid, which is all we care about.

Anthony Morelli is a great quarterback.

There is no room for even a discussion involving the possibility of adding Clark to this offense or of opening the playbook in the redzone or of putting Moron-elli in a shotgun. Why in God’s name do you keep him under center if you don’t trust the line? I will answer this for you: because they don’t trust Morelli. So why is he playing? Because jackass Paterno feels like he owes something to those idiot seniors that don’t even deserve to play. How many times are we going to see this disgusting coaching philosophy? This is not “honor”. Playing kids who do not give you the best chance to win games is not “HONORABLE”. It is bad coaching and stupidity.

Read that transcript. It is everyone’s fault for these problems EXCEPT the seniors, i.e. Scott and Morelli. It’s the receivers fault that Morelli fumbles the ball. It’s Sean Lee’s fault that Austin Scott has fumbled 80 times in 5 games and still hasn’t learned to tuck the football to his body… after playing this position since 7th grade, in fact.

When is this guy gonna realize that it doesn’t matter if you drive down the field 4 times if you are just gonna get to the redzone and throw 3 picks and fumble once? That’s worse than going 3 and out from where you started.

You can’t ask Joe Paterno anything that he’ll have to answer. He gets all defensive and doesn’t want to hear about how his son is ruining this program. He doesn’t want to hear suggestions or observations on how to avoid losing to Michigan for the 10th straight time.

I’ll tell you what is a good example of great coaching: running a 15 yd offense against a team who just got murdered by 2 spread offenses. Then, when it doesn’t work, sticking with it.

There’s your legendary coach, tell me more about how he should stay until he wants to retire.

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