Fuck the PO-LICE!

Taken from UPI

“MILWAUKEE, Oct. 3 (UPI) — Members of the Milwaukee Police Department now have a new beat to find criminals: social Web sites like MySpace and Facebook.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Tuesday that police officers have begun patrolling the Internet sites where guilty parties sometimes freely admit to committing various crimes without apparent fear of reprisal.

International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators President-elect Lisa Sprague said that by using such Internet sites, police can easily learn valuable information about potentially illegal activities.

“It really does behoove police departments to really be technically proficient on computers, and that includes social networking sites as well, because that’s a very popular way for youth to socialize or to transmit information about parties and protests,” Sprague said.

Research has found that individuals posting on such sites underestimate who will see their posted information and how it could be used against them.

The newspaper said that the social-networking sites have also become valuable tools for police on college campuses, along with becoming hot-spots for potential stalkers as well.

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That’s right. So in other words, the police are wasting man hours and money that could be going to actually solving crimes to sit on their asses and play on myspace. Why? No one is who they really are on myspace or facebook, so why bother? I could sy, “I raped 62 cows” or “I shot JFK” online and it wouldn’t make it true. It would be a funny lie to get people to laugh. Now I know, you’re probably wondering, “people lie on the internet”, but if you have any doubts just look at myspace at all the chicks doing “the angles”. They are all fat fat fatties trying to look hot and when you show up to stick your dick in them they’re fucking gross. Hell that’s who the police should be arresting.

Hell I think I just violated copyright law by reposting this. I know for a fact if it were music the RIAA would try to sue my ass so they could earn over 50 bagillion dollars a year again.

Fuck off.

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