Pitt and Turkey.

Has anybody heard about our awesome government and our very strange accusation that Turkey is responsible for genocide in The Gay Old War? That’s in reference to WW1, which for some reason my friend calls The Gay Old War. Just thought I’d shoe-horn that in there for absolutely no reason.

Apparently, the USA has decided it is now time to sling mud at the only Middle East country that would help us in this Iraqi Conquest. I don’t even know where to start with this. Could the timing be any worse? Do we really need to give Turkey the ‘genocide’ tag a hundred years later?

Anything to get peoples minds off what is really happening.

Basically, Turkey started attacking the Kurdish Rebels, with good reason, in the North of Iraq. The US does not like this. Turkey might show the world that fighting poor rebels is not really as difficult as the US is making everyone think it is. We don’t want Turkey proving that this war should be over already. Turkey’s success, with armaments 100 times weaker than the ones we possess, poses a threat to our agenda of prolonging this war as long as humanly possible.

The United States military does not play to win the game. They run their offense a lot like Penn State does. And when you get close to the goal-line, you bring in Dave Wannstedt as a guest coach.

Last weekend, back-up QB Tavita Pritchard pulled off the greatest upset in college football history when his Stanford Cardinal went on the road and defeated the number 1 ranked USC Trojans in a game where they were 41 point under-dogs. Pritchard repeatedly looked like Tom Brady when running this supposed horrendous offense. On the last play of the game, Pritchard was playing so well (remember that he is a back-up on a garbage team) that the coaches actually trusted him to throw a fade route for the winning touchdown. He completed it. He made the hardest throw a QB can make, on the road, with bad receivers, against the number 1 team in the nation. It was the gutsiest throw he could have made, in the gutsiest play they could have ran. Stanford played to win that game.

Fast forward to last night. Dave Wannstedt has Pitt surprisingly in a position to win a game or take the field goal for the tie. They elect to go for it. They elect to play to win the game. A gutsy call, no doubt. There are only a handful of running-backs in I-A football better than LeSean McCoy, who proved it last night by decimating Navy for 165 and 3 touchdowns. After watching this kid run up and down all over the field all night, the final 2 plays from the 2 yard line resulted in incomplete passes.

From the 2 yard line.

In a game where your RB crushed people every time he got the ball.

It is not clever coaching to try to fool them in that position. It is absolute stupidity.


The good thing about criticizing Pitt is that we are not the only people doing it. The national media is slowly starting to realize how bad this coaching staff really is. Rivals Radio on Sirius pounded WannSPLAT this morning in their opening segment, and with good reason. Listen… it’s like they said on there… you line up and you pound the ball down their throat, fellas.

Throwing passes that close to the endzone is dangerous enough as it is. Those are very low-percentage completions, for obvious reasons, let alone the fact that you have a freshman quarterback that no one really has any faith in. When Dave Wannstedt was hired, he repeatedly talked about a power running-game. Where was it?

You don’t play to lose, coach. You play to win the game.

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