Band of the Week- 10/15/07 Halloween Edition Part 5

The Band of the week is none other than…



That’s right, Welcome to my nightmare, I think you’re gonna like it. Vincent Furnier a.k.a Alice Cooper has been rocking for well over 40 years and he still delivers.

Cooper and his band (originally the Spiders and then the Nazz) started off rocking around Arizona, but eventually expanded to L.A. At that point they officially changed their name to Alice Cooper and Vincent took that as his own stage name. The band began to expand on their gimmick and created a new image.

Eventually the boys got so good at what they do they scared off an entire crowd with their antics in under ten minutes. SHOCK ROCK WAS BORN!!! Eventually it was stated that Alice bit the head off a chicken and things really started to pick up. Alice and the boys teamed up with Bob Ezrin and put out “Eighteen” From there they added more death and violence to their shows with electric chairs, boas chopping up dead babies with an ax and of course hanging himself. Keep in mind this was all in the early 70’s when hippies were in control.

Alice’s myth grew as did his drinking problem and things really took a turn. In 75 he released a solo album titled “Welcome to my Nightmare” and his stage show went over the top. This is what makes Alice responsible for every good concert you go to. Anytime a band has a cool stage set, that’s thanks to Alice.

Anyhow, Cooper kept rocking (and appearing in Wayne’s World in one of the GREATEST cameos of all time) and in 2004 launched his radio show, “Nights with Alice Cooper”

Alice still does his show, still tours and still kicks some serious ass.

Meet my libido, he’s a psycho!!!

3 responses to “Band of the Week- 10/15/07 Halloween Edition Part 5

  1. ola mellamo juan sa de espanol tejo28 anos y tu cuatos anostiens

  2. I seen Alice a few times, and even met him. I can honestly say, he is truly humble and grateful towards his fans. Besides being a republican and a golfer, he still stays true to what made him ho he is. I admire the fact he does not throw his political veiws in the music.

  3. OMG i love Alice Cooper

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