I realize this is about a month past, but I just can’t fucking believe it exists. Anyone who has ever seen Airheads! remembers “and a naked picture of Bea Arthur”, but all of the Golden Girls? Why? Apparently it all started when Lenora Claire purchased the painting of Bea from Chris Zimmerman.

After thinking it through she decided that since she was already a curator, and EVERYONE would want to see these nasty old women in the buff, why not organize an entire show devoted to the concept.

Does THIS really give you a stiffy? Gross!

Now I realize that more than likely this was intended to be a humorous exhibit. Hell, I still can’t stop laughing about it. I also realize there are plenty of sick fucks out there that will probably end up getting off on this.

Oh well, I am gonna go continue to laugh my ass off about this. Enjoy.

If you want more info check out http://www.myspace.com/goldengirlsgoerotic

If this isn’t disturbing enough for ya, check out…DRAGON PORN!!!

2 responses to “Dude. EWWWWWWWWW! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS: Part 2

  1. How…Why…Where…

  2. 33 y.o. & All Male

    Sweetness, wish I could have seen it and bought a few things.

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