Band of the Week- 10/29/07 Halloween Edition Part 7

I have been waiting all month to put this one up. This week’s band of the week is…The Pantagrammas

The Pentagrammas are a shock rock band from Rapid City made up of young guys dressed up as old women singing about being sluts for Satan. Their stage shows are the stuff of legend, involving blood, fire, metal, hair, birth, sacrifice, Jello, nuns, Nazis, Bob Ross paintings and urine. The band was originally formed in the Pittsburgh underground scene in 1984 before relocating to Boston in 1987. By 1992 they had migrated to New York City and undergone a few line up changes. 1995 saw them change their base of operations to Seattle, then six months later they relocated again to the Santa Barbra area.

By the end of 1996 it is hard to say if any of the founding members of the band were still in the line up as it had changed so many times. While the “band” has always been made up officially of Edna O’Doyle, Netta Jaspers, and Olga Fitzsimmons, one can only speculate as to who actually plays those characters. Part of the mystique of the band is that new members are always coming in to breath new life into the project. It is rumored, though completely unconfirmed, that the band has included such members as Zakk Wylde, Kerry King, Flea, Tommy Lee, Charlie Benante, Scott Ian, James Lomenzo, Randolpho Francisco Castillo and Tom Morello .

Anyhow, 1998 brought the Pentagrammas to the south Florida area where they started to truly build their reputation. One of the things they are famous for is that no one ever knows in advance when one of their shows will be or when the will take the stage. The simply show up at a concert, play the gig and disappear. No one ever sees them enter or leave the venue. By the summer of 1999 the state of Florida had banned them from ever playing live within their borders again and so the relocated to San Antonio, TX.

2000 found them back where they started in the Pittsburgh area, but by now their legend had grown to such heights in the area that when they played any show in the greater metro area it would quickly become a riot. It was at a Pittsburgh show in the earlier part of 2002 where a live sheep had been torn apart and the head tossed on stage. It is unclear whether or not ” Edna O’Doyle” knew if it was real or a prop, but “she” picked it up, strapped on a dildo and began sodomizing its eyes.

2003- 2006 Found them based in Detroit, Toronto, Omaha and Denver. Recently the group has settled in Rapid City, SD where they are once again gearing up for a series of shows. There is also a rumor floating around that they may actually be recording an album. One can only hope that such classic Pentagramma’s songs as “Ninth Knitting Circle of Hell”, “Help I’ve Fallen to the Dark Lord and I Can’t Get Up” and of course “Necrophiliac’s Nursing Home”.

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