I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide.

Yes, I was on Sporting News Radio again, a nationwide show. I have become a regular on the Tim Montemayor Show that is on really late at night. I have called 3 times and gotten on all 3 times very quickly. So, listen for “Decibel in Pennsylvania” cause I will make your life better.

First call: I talked a ton of shit on Penn State.

Second call: I berated Ohio State fans and also talked a ton of shit on Penn State.

Third call: I talked a bunch of shit on Nebraska.

Great thing is that Rick was randomly listening to SNR and actually heard my ass on there talking shit. This is hilarious. Here’s some supercharged highlights:

– DB says the MAC is better than the Big 12 North.
– DB questions Turner Gill’s worth and resume.
– DB asks why the Nebraska defensive coordinator has been absent of criticism, given that the offense is decent and the defense obviously is the problem.
– DB says Nebraska’s recruiting is good and Callahan needs two more years, IF they are man enough to throw the money on the table and bring in Bo Pellini to coach the defense.

I don’t understand the mentality here. Right now, Nebraska is HELLBENT on bringing in a new coach who can draw power from the past. They want a guy who is already associated with the program. The potential coaches are Bo Pellini and Turner Gill, at the forefront.

Bo Pellini is the defensively coordinator at LSU. If nothing else, their development is pretty damn good. But is he really head coach material?

Gill has supposedly done a miraculous job at Buffalo. I guess, dude. They’re better than “horrible” so I guess he has made them a little better. They’re awful, folks. They sure as hell aren’t “good”. I like Gill, I have him on a list of potential Paterno replacements, but he is definitely not ready to coach at Nebraska yet, or any other program who is above the MAC.

Nebraska is becoming committed to this idea of bringing back a former coach or player to run this program. As a future AD and college football mastermind, I encourage the University of Nebraska to watch out for alumni appeasement traps. That’s all for now, dickheads.

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