Movie View: 1408


wow, you know every time someone tells you me about a horror movie that is supposed to be “good” i feel a little sick to my stomach when i find out it was based off of a Stephen king book. Now don’t get me wrong, i think “Pet Cemetery” though how cheesy it is by todays standards is a classic, i think most of King’s work is mediocre at best.

I really don’t think King is that talented. Yes, he wrote a few decent books, but in my eyes, most of his work is kinda the same. Heres what happens in EVERYTHING written by King:

1.Something is haunted.

2.Theres either a “good ghost” or some weird old man to help the person (or people) in trouble.

3.Theres always a “Dad.”

There, i just did a review on almost every movie based off a Stephen King book.

This one is no different. And don’t get your hopes up, Sam “I’m in every movie ever made” Jackson is only in the movie for a total of about 5 minutes. But it is significant time to use his trademark word “Fuck” at least once.

Theres no reason for this hotel room to be haunted. NO REASON. It just is.

This “spiritual” being torturing him is for some reason trying re unite him with his daughter? I don’t know…some of it just made no sense to me.

Some of the ghostly things that happen in this movie are decent, and i don’t have a problem with John Cusack but if you want to watch a GREAT and classic haunting film, go out and rent Poltergeist.

I can’t wait to see Stephen Kings next book/film, maybe it will be a possessed dildo that kills a bunch of hookers until one of them decides to fight back because the “good guy” pimp gives her some advice.

Damn i shouldn’t have said that, now Kings gonna steal that idea and make it into a book.

5 Out of 10.

Because Sam Jackson and John Cusack are in the film, and for SOME somewhat decent moments.

Watch it only if you really need too.

– StraTT

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