Movie View: POTC – At World’s End


About as sick as i am with Michael Bay, i must admit the latest, and supposed finally of the Pirates films was surprisingly good.

the film is almost 3 hours, and it actually wraps everything up nicely.

Everyone is great in their roles, especially Depp who plays the dopey drunken pirate named Jack Sparrow.

The only thing i didn’t like, was all the betrayal in the movie.It seemed like every 5 minutes someone was turning their back on someone, and it made the plot kinda hard to follow. All the sudden there’s someone else in the movie and your asking yourself “where the hell did they come from and what are they doing?”

Other then that, the special effects are spectacular. The visions in the film are some of the best work i’ve ever seen so far in a movie. Fuck Lucas and his dumb ass “my backgrounds are CGI but nothing in it ever moves” which looks unrealistic and sloppy.

Maybe he has learned his lesson since then. If he hasn’t, and had nothing to do with this movie (or his effects team), then he needs to see it and learn from pros.

Go see this movie.

For real.

Yo Ho Ho, A Pirates Life For Me.

Michael Bay still sucks though.

Good thing he’s only a producer in this film though.


8 Out Of 10.

– StraTT

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