Power 40: Wk. 11

Ring the bells of freedom, I am here again to liberate your minds from the shackles of your own idiocy. You will be shocked and awed. Football time is here again, losers. You know what that means? Its time for the Power 40.

Here’s the rules, losers.

– Former national champion stays at number one until they lose. Does not matter if they lost all 22 starters.

Last week’s record: 2-1
TCU over BYU
Arkansas over Tennessee
Michigan State over Purdue
Wake Forest over Clemson
Fresno over Hawaii

Last week’s record: 1-4
Maryland over Boston College
Cal over USC
Cincinnati over UCONN
Auburn over Georgia
Illinois over Ohio State


Start ’em young, I guess. Infants in OSU jerseys are still more prepared than Penn State.

1.) Ohio State (1)
Everyone is sleeping on Ohio State. They’re recruiting is still great, and they certainly have talent on both sides, but I think this is the year they lose 2-3 games in the conference. =WK 3 NOTE= Haven’t showed much to us yet. They better play their A game this week. =WK 4 NOTE= Crushed a good team in the second half to pull away. They should beat NW by 70. =WK 5 NOTE= My prediction on that score was almost accurate. =WK 6 NOTE= Better offensively than reported. Boekman is playing extremely well, and this kid gets better every week. =WK 7 NOTE= Purdue sucks and was exposed as usual. Nice yawner this week versus Kent State. =WK 8 NOTE= I really hope that the week OOC scheduling finally hurts the Big Ten. OSU will get Michigan State this week, a team who still seems notorious for playing at the level of their opponent. It’s about time this supposedly great defense will play a quality team. =WK 9 NOTE= May have shown weaknesses against MSU, biggest test of the year this week against PSU on the road. =WK 10 NOTE= The stage doesn’t get much bigger in the regular season than a night game in Happy Valley, and this staff showed why they deserve to be ranked number 1. Their preparation and player development is unbelievable. Freshmen and sophmores at OSU immediately play like 5 year veterans. That’s a testament to Jim Tressel. This team is pretty solid, and even though the offense let MSU back in the game last week, Boekman gets better every week. Regardless of what happens for the rest of this season, know that big time programs act like big time programs. Ohio State is one of them. They don’t need to win a national title every season to show that. =WK 11 NOTE= Took awhile to pull away from Wisconsin, but got it done in the second half. Have a tough Illinois this week. I am still not all that impressed with OSU, but I like Robiske a lot. I don’t understand how he doesn’t get the ball more.

2.) Oregon (4)
=WK 3 NOTE= Here’s your chance, Oregon. Don’t let me down against Fresno. =WK 4 NOTE= Dixon is a Heisman candidate that is not getting much love, but I seriously doubt that this staff will do anything better than 9-3. It won’t be because of lack of effort from the players. =WK 5 NOTE= They say good teams overcome adversity. The other side of that coin says “good teams don’t go down by 21 to Stanford”. They have Cal this week, so try not to let yourself get down that badly. =WK 6 NOTE= They are better than originally advertised, and lost a great one to Cal. The top of the Pac-10 seems to maybe have gotten a little better. =WK 7 NOTE= Huge test versus Washington State this week. =WK 8 NOTE= Crushed Wazzou, should win by 10 over Washington. =WK 9 NOTE= Close win over Washington, now gets to prove themselves at home against a watered-down USC. =WK 10 NOTE= Took care of USC, and anytime you can beat a program like that, even in a down year, it gives you instant credibility. Oregon is a tough team this year, surprisingly. They get ASU this week. =WK 11 NOTE= Jumped them over OU this week because UO has more quality wins, including a big one this week over ASU.

3.) Oklahoma (3)
This team could be the darkhorse of the top 10 to win the national title. Don’t be fooled by OU’s lack of big-name players in 2007. This team is going to be very good on both sides of the ball, and they are 1 upset win (over UT) from winning the Big 12 this year. They are starting a 3-star freshman QB to run this team. Time will tell. =WK 2 NOTE= UNT made Bradford look like Dan Marino. I use Marino because he’ll never win anything.=WK 3 NOTE= They’re not as good as you think, but they’re pretty good. =WK 4 NOTE= They looked unstoppable again, but does everyone else remember the year when Craig James called OU the greatest team ever and they went on to lose 2-3 reg. season games? Let’s wait a little while to crown this team national champions, because they have a tendency to start out like this. They’ll get a decent test this week against an underrated Tulsa. =WK 5 NOTE= Started a little slow, but won big. =WK 6 NOTE= They’ll be out for blood this week to rebound from a big conference loss. =WK 7 NOTE= They have Missouri this week. This is a game Missouri must win for respect. This is a game OU must win to silence their critics, since this team is so inconsistent. They barely beat Texas, and didn’t look very impressive. =WK 8 NOTE= Beat a decent Missouri team, now they get a break in the action versus a horrible Iowa State. =WK 9 NOTE= This team is still unimpressive and struggled with ISU. I don’t understand the media lovefest for OU. =WK 11 NOTE= Slaughtered a bad A&M team.

4.) LSU (5)
Don’t believe the hype on this team either. Just because a team has strong recruiting doesn’t mean those kids are going to perform. Dorsey is a machine and so is Early Doucet, but this team also has RB issues. 5th year senior Matt Flynn is at the helm, and that’s all well and good, but the kid lost his job to an underclassmen for 2 years. Defensively, they will be strong like usual, but don’t get caught up in this hype. =WK 3 NOTE= Bring your daughter to this weeks slaughter. Nice win last week over annually-overrated V-Tech. =WK 4 NOTE= First test of the year comes this week against South Carolina. There won’t be an upset. =WK 5 NOTE= Won against a decent South Carolina squad. New off. coordinator is Gary Crowden, who has had a black cloud over his head for awhile. Will he jinx this team as well? =WK 6 NOTE= Started slow but finished strong against Tulane. Has to play better versus Florida this week. =WK 7 NOTE= They beat Florida in a very close game, I guess they’re the rightful number 1, but I am still not sold on this team. Why do you waste my time with Matt Flynn? Kentucky this week. I doubt this team can go undefeated. =WK 8 NOTE= The Gary Crowden jinx continues. Now this team gets Auburn, and this is going to be a bloodbath. =WK 9 NOTE= Good win over Auburn. =WK 10 NOTE= Can Alabama beat LSU after both teams had an extra week to prepare? Maybe so. =WK 11 NOTE= Very sloppy game against Alabama, but found a way to win.

5.) Michigan (6)
– No AP preseason top 25 would be complete without the unsubstantiated lovefest for Michigan. The most overrated and underachieving program in the nation. They return a great WR in Manningham, a solid QB in Henne, and a solid RB in Hart. Defensively, this team has issues. You have to rank them reasonably high based on their talent alone, but this team is not winning any national titles until Carr leaves. They’ll win the Big Ten, but that’s where it stops in 2007. =WK 2 NOTE= Very embarrassing loss to start the season. This might be a 3-4 loss team. =WK 3 NOTE= Can they even beat ND? =WK 4 NOTE= Huge test this week versus Penn State, who everyone is high on. They have a lot of things going for them and are in a perfect position to pull this upset. =WK 5 NOTE= Can they win 10 straight? I hate it, but they might. Michael Hart is the best player in the country. =WK 6 NOTE= Tested by Northwestern, and Henne looked very impressive. =WK 7 NOTE= Had trouble with another spread offense, but atleast they won this time. Purdue will also spread this defense, and Michigan fans should be worried. =WK 8 NOTE= Crushed Purdue, and now have a chance to prove their worth against a quality Illinois. =WK 9 NOTE= Did it without Hart, and maybe getting back into respectability with the voters after getting Shanghai’ed by them in week 1. =WK 10 NOTE= That’s 7 straight, and 2 without the best player in the country. =WK 11 NOTE= They get the ball in the hands of their playmakers, and that’s why UM is so good.

6.) WVU (7)
It doesn’t get much more overrated than this. =WK 3 NOTE= They’ll destroy a Maryland program who has been getting worse every year. =WK 4 NOTE= They’ll get a decent test versus ECU but end up winning by 25 at least. =WK 5 NOTE= You’ll see just how bad of a coach Rich Fraud is this week versus South Florida. They might win a shoot-out, but it’ll be pathetically executed. =WK 6 NOTE= Bad coaching does it again. =WK 8 NOTE= Will get tested versus Mississippi State. =WK 9 NOTE= Enormous test against Rutgers this week. Ground-game should make this interesting, on both sides. =WK 10 NOTE= Absolute destruction of Rutgers. =WK 11 NOTE= Did they even play this week?

7.) Texas (8)
UT returns a solid QB and decent WR corps. I’m still not sold on their RB’s. The Big 12 south is one of the most interesting areas of BCS football this season. Defensively, UT will be solid, but sooner or later losing D-Coordinators will catch up with you. This might be that year, given McGee’s success at A&M and Texas Tech. The UT secondary will probably be the end-all for this team’s national title chances. =WK 2 NOTE= Looked very lackluster against a bad Arkansas State. =WK 3 NOTE= Good show versus a tough TCU defense. =WK 4 NOTE= After a very bad performance, they get to rebound against a garbage Rice team. =WK 5 NOTE= Is Rice the worst team in America, or what? UT has K-State this week. Last year, K-State pulled the upset. They are in an even better position this year to do it than last year. =WK 6 NOTE= Just not playing well, and Kansas State has had their number. =WK 7 NOTE= Struggled against OU, but they’ll rebound against a very bad Iowa State. =WK 9 NOTE= Should have no problem capping off what is probably the worst week in Nebraska football history. =WK 10 NOTE= Won again, didn’t look great, but looked okay. =WK 11 NOTE= Another heartwrenching defeat for Oklahoma State at the hands of UT. Good thing Mike Gundy is a man, and he can take it.

8.) Missouri (9)
Unranked in the AP poll, this might be the best shot (and best team) Missouri has had in a very long time. The time is now in Columbia, but if history tells us anything, Gary Pinkell will find a way to screw it up. =WK 2 NOTE= Looked a little less than stellar against an average Illinois. =WK 6 NOTE= Time to man-up… they have Nebraska this week. =WK 7 NOTE= Huge win over Nebraska. Need another one this week over OU. They just might get it, to be honest. Can this team win the Big 12? =WK 8 NOTE= Should drop another one, this week to Texas Tech. =WK 9 NOTE= Very surprising defensive performance against one of the best offenses in the country, and gained some much-needed credibility. =WK 10 NOTE= Beat a team who can cause havoc, and keep moving towards the big and overlooked game against Kansas. Have to play a Colorado team who is surprisingly decent. =WK 11 NOTE= Chase Daniels should be a Heisman candidate.

9.) Kansas (12)
=WK 7 NOTE= Took me 7 weeks to give KU some love, but they earned my respect by beating a decent K-State. =WK 8 NOTE= They have a decent Colorado this week. =WK 9 NOTE= They are playing well. Not great, but pretty well. =WK 10 NOTE= Texas A&M is a team who can play well when they decided they want to, so this win for Kansas is a good one. =WK 11 NOTE= This team is pretty solid. Need to see them play a tough opponent, though.

10.) Boston College (2)
– Best of all the remaining teams? =WK 3 NOTE= They’re decent. We’ll find out how good they are this week against G-Tech. =WK 4 NOTE= Best of a bad ACC lot. =WK 5 NOTE= Not the best of a bad lot. This team is for real. What hurt BC before was O’Brien’s knack for playing at the level of his competition. That’s gone now. Plus they get Brian Toal back this week and he’s one of the best LB’s in the country. =WK 6 NOTE= I’m sold on Boston College. Best team in the ACC. =WK 7 NOTE= Boston College can’t be blamed for their conference being sub-par. But they do have some nice remaining games, but ND this week. =WK 8 NOTE= They took care of Notre Dame, and have a bye this week. =WK 9 NOTE= Has to play V-Tech in Blacksburg on a Thursday night, where V-Tech is 8-1. This might be the biggest hurdle of the year. =WK 10 NOTE= Gained a lot of respect in winning that game in Blacksburg. Last hurdle is FSU? =WK 11 NOTE= FSU is always good for one win a season that they have no business winning, and they got it against Boston College.

11.) Auburn (11)
Brandon Cox is 37 years old. He was the starting QB when Bo Jackson was a freshman. They’ll be good b/c they are always good. =WK 2 NOTE= Barely survived against a mediocre Kansas State. They have issues on both sides. =WK 4 NOTE= This team sucks. There’s really nothing else to say. You lose to Miss. State, its time to fake a knee injury and take the rest of the year off. They have New Mexico State this week, and I’m calling this upset. =WK 5 NOTE= Well, no upset, but they still looked awful, so I guess I was kinda right. They’ll drop another loss this week versus Florida. =WK 6 NOTE= Typical SEC outcome: unranked beats the nation’s best. Be consistent! =WK 7 NOTE= Should kill Arkansas but you know they’ll win by 3. =WK 8 NOTE= Huge test versus LSU after a squeaker versus Arkansas. =WK 9 NOTE= Lost in good fashion to LSU. =WK 11 NOTE= I’m sure Tennessee Tech is a great team. They’ll get a nice test this week versus a much, much improved Georgia.

12.) Georgia (14)
– They’re a year away from SEC contention. =WK 2 NOTE= Looked impressive versus a quality Oklahoma State team. =WK 4 NOTE= After losing to South Carolina, Georgia slid off pretty much everyone’s radar. We’ll see how good they are this week when they have to play Alabama. Can Saban do it two weeks in a row? In Tuscaloosa, yes he can. =WK 5 NOTE= Beat a very well coached Alabama team. Slowly, UGA is improving. Gotta catch the ball though, kiddies. =WK 6 NOTE= Big conference win for the Bulldogs. Should beat Tennessee this week. =WK 7 NOTE= Big-time lose versus garbage Tennessee. I’m getting real irritated with how inconsistent Georgia has been. So is Young Jeezy. =WK 8 NOTE= Nothing like going ballistic at mid-field when you beat Vanderbilt. =WK 9 NOTE= To beat UF this team has to play a flawless game. This Georgia team has problems all over the field. Stafford isn’t playing all that well, the wide-receivers are STILL the weak link of the team, they have RB injuries, and the defense is uninspired. This might be a blowout. =WK 10 NOTE= Knowshon Moreno is maybe my new favorite player. This team rose to the occasion today and showed life… and the WR’s played well! =WK 11 NOTE= Got another win, and now they have Auburn.

13.) Florida (15)
It is possible that Florida could be ranked 3rd and not get to defend their national title. They are the champs until they lose. They are inherently number 1, not USC or anyone else. Florida won the national championship, and regardless of who they lost in the offseason, it is their spot to lose. They return a ton of players on both sides, and are favorites in the SEC east. Look for Percy Harvin to have a huge year. =WK 2 NOTE= I am seriously impressed with Tebow’s maturity. I love the fact that this kid will lower a shoulder into a senior linebacker and not think twice about it. =WK 3 NOTE= First decent test of the 07 campaign takes place in the swamp versus Tennessee. Expect another UF win over average Tennessee. =WK 4 NOTE= Complete blowout of Tennessee. This defense has not lost a step. =WK 5 NOTE= Tested by Ole Miss, but prevailed. Same scenario this week versus Auburn. =WK 6 NOTE= Huge loss at home to Auburn. Tebow is too much of a crutch. Other kids have got to step up on this offense. They have LSU this week. Give me the upset. =WK 7 NOTE= Turnovers killed them versus LSU, but they’ll beat LSU in the SEC title game. They have a much needed bye this week. =WK 8 NOTE= Comes off the bye week to find themselves the underdogs versus Kentucky. This is the measuring stick for both teams. =WK 9 NOTE= Won a must-win game against a resilient UK. =WK 10 NOTE= Anything can happen in rivalry games, and it did in Jacksonville against Georgia. =WK 11 NOTE= Now they get to play Spurrier and a watered-down South Carolina.

14.) Hawaii (16)
They can pretty much beat anybody. =WK 2 NOTE= Brennan threw for 400 yards. He is still a rapist. =WK 3 NOTE= Overcame adversity to win. They have UNLV this week.=WK 4 NOTE= I’m sure Charleston Southern has a hell of a pass defense. =WK 6 NOTE= Play somebody at some point, please. =WK 7 NOTE= I’m not moving this team until they play someone who isn’t San Jose State. =WK 8 NOTE= If this team played someone decent, they’d get obliterated. =WK 10 NOTE= Beat new Mexico State, and still I don’t care. I am actually getting angry with Hawaii, because I am sick of people acting like this team can win a national title. Yes, they can beat people. But thinking that and doing it are two different things. Texas Tech could beat everybody, too. =WK 11 NOTE= Well, its Fresno, but its better than the rest they played so far.

15.) Arizona State (10)
– They’re 5-0, but they’ve played no one. =WK 7 NOTE= Tell me more about how awesome of a job Erickson is doing when he beat garbage teams 6 weeks in a row. =WK 8 NOTE= Have a bye this week, as if they need it. =WK 9 NOTE= First decent clash of the year for ASU comes against a Cal team who is backed into a corner. Should be a great game,by Pac-10 standards. =WK 10 NOTE= Maybe this team is for real. I can’t stand Dennis Erickson, but the guy has this team on track. Until this week, I predict. =WK 11 NOTE= Heartbreaker versus Oregon.

16.) Illinois (18)
=WK 6 NOTE= Big test versus Wisconsin, and they get them at home. I’m expecting an upset. =WK 7 NOTE= Big Ten showdown against a very unpredictable Iowa squad. Watch for an upset. =WK 8 NOTE= Lost to Iowa, fell off the national radar, and now has a chance to get back on it by beating Michigan. =WK 9 NOTE= Couldn’t get it done against Michigan, even with Hart on the sideline. =WK 11 NOTE= Has a change this week to get back into respectability versus Ohio State.

17.) Virginia Tech (19)
Defensively, I’m sold. Offensively, not so much. This program is pretty overrated but I think this year’s defense can make them look better than they really are. =WK 2 NOTE= They have big QB issues, and the defense will do fine in a weak conference. =WK 3 NOTE= This offense is garbage. =WK 6 NOTE= Passed a rough test over North Carolina. Defense should be tested versus Clemson. =WK 7 NOTE= Another yawner. =WK 8 NOTE= Have a bye this week. =WK 9 NOTE= Get undefeated BC at home on a Thursday, a position where they have dominated. Should be able to bring BC back to Earth, but QB woes are killing this offense. =WK 10 NOTE= Somebody needs to explain to me why you change defenses with 2 minutes left in the game after you held the opponent scoreless and helpless all night. Bud Foster is a genius, right? In the words of Lee Corso: “Whoaaaa, not so fast, my friend.” =WK 11 NOTE= Torcehed a very bad Georgia Tech.

18.) Alabama (13)
– Enormous win over a ranked team last week, had them completely put away and let them back in the game, but still showed insane poise by winning on a last-minute drive. Very well coached team here, has another great chance to get respect this week versus Georgia. =WK 5 NOTE= This is still the sleeper team in the SEC. I can’t wait to see how insane their recruiting class is for next season. Monster test this week for them, recruiting wise, versus Florida State. =WK 6 NOTE= Lost in tight fashion. They’re playing a lot better than they would be under Shula, though. =WK 7 NOTE= They’re gonna get a huge test versus Ole Miss. =WK 8 NOTE= Barely got a win over Ole Miss, now has to play Tennessee. =WK 9 NOTE= Absolute dismemberment of Tennessee. Alabama is back on the map. =WK 10 NOTE= Both teams come into this game on bye weeks. Can they take down LSU? =WK 11 NOTE= A few years from now we’ll be talking about how Saban should have won the national title in 2007, in addition to his 75 other national titles, because the players made too many mistakes. Not the coaches, the players. If this staff stays intact… whoa, Nelly.

19.) Kentucky (21)
– Good defense and pretty good offense. Won a good one in a rivalry game versus Louisville, but can they win like that versus SEC teams? =WK 5 NOTE= Is Kentucky now a football school? =WK 6 NOTE= Woodson is now a Heisman candidate and with good reason. This team is surprisingly good, and they’ll beat South Carolina. =WK 7 NOTE= Respect is spelled “LSU”. =WK 8 NOTE= Beat LSU and now has to play Florida. =WK 9 NOTE= Lost to UF, but this team is legit. =WK 10 NOTE= You put this team in the Big Ten or Big 12 and they are the second best team in that conference. An upstart team simply cannot go up against the SEC competition on a weekly basis and expect to come away unscathed. This is a good team, folks.

20.) Boise State (22)
– They’ll be decent, but don’t expect a BCS spot. =WK 3 NOTE= They lost to a good team, they’ll be fine. =WK 5 NOTE= Huge game this week versus Southern Miss. =WK 6 NOTE= Won a big battle of non-BCS teams over a good Southern Miss. =WK 7 NOTE= Destroyed NMSU. Decent Nevada team this week. =WK 8 NOTE= Nothin’ like 12 OT’s to beat Nevada. =WK 9 NOTE= Big showdown this week versus Fresno. =WK 10 NOTE= Beat Fresno State, and keeps moving forward.

21.) USC (26)
Everyone’s sexy pick for number 1 and for national champions. They return a ton of players on both sides, and have probably the best linebacking corps in football. WR and RB are big concerns for this team, however. Don’t buy into the hype about how loaded this team is. Those WR’s need to finally step up, and someone needs to emerge as a quality RB. What will help USC is the fact that the Pac-10 is a complete joke like it is every year. Look for USC to go undefeated and for people to hail Pete Carroll as Jesus again, just like they do with Bowden and Paterno, who built empires off of Duke and Temple for 25 years. =WK 3 NOTE= With an off week coming into the game, plus the fact that Nebraska is still building, USC wins by 17. =WK 4 NOTE= Looked great against an above-average Nebraska squad. Another scrimmage this week against Wash. State. =WK 5 NOTE= At some point this team will need to get their house in order. Right? =WK 6 NOTE= Another game that was too close for comfort. This team is just not winning well. =WK 7 NOTE= Biggest upset in college football history. Can Arizona double the power? USC is on pace to lose 3-4 more games unless they get this defense on track. =WK 8 NOTE= Squeaked out another one, maybe they’ll beat Notre Dame by 5 points. =WK 9 NOTE= Crushed ND, now gets to head up to Autzen and take on an extremely dangerous Oregon offense. They should not win this game. =WK 10 NOTE= Shouldn’t have won, and didn’t win. I guess they’ll blame this one on Booty being hurt. Little known truth: the USC coaches are rumored to be playing Sanchez over Booty now because Booty sucks. =WK 11 NOTE= Beat Oregon State. Smell the ratings.

22.) Connecticut (27)
=WK 6 NOTE= Play a real team. =WK 7 NOTE= They have Virginia this week, and give me Virginia. =WK 8 NOTE= They are not great, but they are pretty good. They’ll lose to Louisville. =WK 9 NOTE= Beat Louisville on a horrible call. =WK 10 NOTE= Upset media-darlings USF and got some credit back. Now they have Rutgers. =WK 11 NOTE= Crushed Rutgers.

23.) Arkansas (28)
– This team is very, very overrated. You can talk all you want about how they rallied around the new O-Coordinator, but this team is in complete disarray behind the curtains. This will be a bad year, but spirits will go up when McFadden gets drafted #1 overall. =WK 3 NOTE= First lost this year comes to Alabama. =WK 4 NOTE= Get used to those Alabama losses, fellas. And get ready for another close call, this time against a UK team who is high as a kite right now. =WK 5 NOTE= This ship has sailed and expect a coaching change. =WK 6 NOTE= Slaughtered UNT. =WK 7 NOTE= Excellent chance of beating Auburn. =WK 8 NOTE= Lost a close one to Auburn. They’ll get a big test from Ole Miss this week. =WK 10 NOTE= Slowly making progress. =WK 11 NOTE= McFadden gains some ground in the Heisman race as his team buries an overrated South Carolina. Now they take on Tennessee.

24.) California (25)
Correction: it doesn’t get much more overrated than THIS. =WK 2 NOTE= Coming off a big morale boost by beating a bad Tennessee squad that crushed them in 2006. =WK 3 NOTE= They’ll get tested this week versus La Tech. =WK 5 NOTE= Game of the week is Cal and Oregon. =WK 6 NOTE= Big morale boost over a ranked and feared opponent, something that does not come too often for Cal. They might surprisingly be for real. =WK 7 NOTE= I am still unsold on Cal. Big Test this week versus Oregon State. =WK 8 NOTE= Can they rebound against an inconsistent UCLA? =WK 9 NOTE= Lost a heartbreaker to UCLA and is all but dead, gets the opportunity to knock off media darlings ASU this week. =WK 10 NOTE= Cal pulled another Cal this season, and I hope people realize this program sucks.

25.) South Florida (17)
– I’m more sold on the poise than on the fact that they beat Auburn at Auburn like that. This is a program with a ton of potential. =WK 5 NOTE= This will be the best program in the Big East. This team has another monster opportunity to beat WVU, and they just might do it. You know they’ve been waiting for this one. =WK 6 NOTE= Gigantic win for this program. You saw a star born Friday night, because this program is going to really take off. =WK 7 NOTE= They’ll get tested by UCF. =WK 8 NOTE= I put them number 1 this week because they already have 2 bigger wins than anything Ohio State will get all season. =WK 9 NOTE= Poor USF. They lose a game to a decent team and they’ll be chastised for it for the rest of the season. =WK 10 NOTE= USF still isn’t ready for the spotlight. They’ve been inconsistent for years, and it doesn’t seem like they made much progress changing that. Has to play Cincinnati this week. =WK 11 NOTE= They just aren’t ready yet, and we’ve been seeing this pattern with USF for a few years now. You have to beat Cincinnati, folks.

26.) South Carolina (20)
– Big morale boost over Georgia in WK2, but do they have the power to contend? =WK 4 NOTE= Huge test versus LSU this week. =WK 5 NOTE= The Ol’ Ball Coach finally goes with HIS quarterback: Chris Smelley. We’ll see how it works out. =WK 6 NOTE= So far so good for Smelley. We’ll see how he does this week versus Kentucky. =WK 7 NOTE= They’re in for a dogfight this week against UNC, but defense should give them the win. =WK 8 NOTE= Shouldn’t have any trouble with Vandy this week. =WK 9 NOTE= This South Carolina program never seems to be able to get it on track. In control of their own destiny in the SEC East, they score under 10 points against Vanderbilt in a loss. =WK 10 NOTE= Another disappointing year for the Gamecocks. Any time you lose to Phil Fulmer you should be ashamed of yourself. Arkansas this week. =WK 11 NOTE= Another huge loss.

27.) Clemson (29)
– Coaches are too inconsistent to ever get this team to the top. =WK 2 NOTE= Luckily for them, FSU is awful. =WK 4 NOTE= They’ll kill NC State. =WK 5 NOTE= The shoe will fall, folks, don’t believe the hype. =WK 6 NOTE= Told ya. This week they have V-Tech, and, in classic fashion, expect a win. =WK 7 NOTE= Lost to a bad V-Tech, and now have a needed bye. =WK 11 NOTE= Need to make a statement this week versus a decent Wake.

28.) Tennessee (30)
– Another average season by Knoxville standards. =WK 2 NOTE= Exposed by Cal, this team is headed south already. They’ll probably finish 3rd in their division, let alone conference. =WK 3 NOTE= Here’s loss number two.=WK 4 NOTE= Does anyone else wanna pat me on the back yet, my hand hurts from having to do it all the time when I’m correct. =WK 5 NOTE= They’re awful. =WK 6 NOTE= Had a much needed bye week. They have Georgia this week. =WK 7 NOTE= Please decide if you’re gonna compete in 2007. =WK 8 NOTE= Should get back into everyone’s good graces by beating a decent Alabama. =WK 9 NOTE= There is no reason Philip Fulmer should be retained as the head coach of this team. This is the worst Tennessee team I can remember seeing. Completely uninspired. =WK 10 NOTE= You have to give them credit for turning it back on the way they did. After a horrendous showing last week, Tennessee comes out to a 21-0 halftime lead of South Carolina. They finally win the game in overtime. Sheesh. Decide if you suck or not. =WK 11 NOTE= Huge game versus Arkansas this week, time to prove your worth.

29.) Virginia (34)
=WK 7 NOTE= This team has quietly won 5 straight, folks, and they’ll beat UCONN this week. =WK 8 NOTE= Won over undefeated UCONN, will now face a very dangerous Maryland. =WK 9 NOTE= Pulled out another close one. They say good teams win close games. =WK 10 NOTE= Their luck ran out this week against a very poor NC State. Gonna be a close one against Wake. =WK 11 NOTE= Wins ANOTHER squeaker, this time over Wake Forest. How bad is this conference?

30.) Wake Forest (23)
=WK 8 NOTE= Finally gets their shot at the prestigious Power 40. Beat a bad FSU team, but this team deserves to be in the top 40. Will get a big test against Navy. =WK 9 NOTE= Beat a decent Navy team. =WK 10 NOTE= Should be able to beat Virginia. =WK 11 NOTE= The ACC is a disaster. Can and should beat Clemson.

31.) Florida State (-)
I hope you don’t think FSU is never going to get back to the top. They brought in Jimbo Fisher to run that program when Bowden leaves, and now Chuck Amato is back coaching there. Their recruiting is always sky high. This team has real potential to go undefeated. What a game if UF and FSU are unbeaten going into that last week. =WK 2 NOTE= This team is terrible. But there’s nowhere to go but up. Right? =WK 3 NOTE= Big test versus a Colorado squad that is about as good as they are. =WK 4 NOTE= Another lackluster performance, but a win is a win. =WK 5 NOTE= Alabama this week. We’ll measure both team’s worth. I’d take Alabama, folks. =WK 6 NOTE= This team is getting better every week. This is what coaching does to a team. This is what big-time programs do when they see a slip. I hope Penn State is paying attention. =WK 7 NOTE= They make slow progress, but I guess they are getting better. They’ll get a very retarded test versus Wake this week. =WK 8 NOTE= Xavier Lee is horrible. This team is terrible. =WK 9 NOTE= Can this team get any worse? =WK 10 NOTE= Beat Duke, and now has to play Boston College. =WK 11 NOTE= Is this the best team in the ACC? Does the ACC even deserve a bid to play in ANY bowl games?

32.) Penn State (33)
No favoritism here. If Morelli plays like he did at the end of last season, this offense will be tough to stop for anyone. They have the best WR corps in the Big Ten, and probably the best RB tandem. Rodney Kinlaw has been overshadowed since the day he got up there. Don’t be fooled by this kid’s consistent spot at 2nd on the depth chart: he is very good. PSU also has the best TE in the Big Ten. Defensively, the secondary will be airtight and the LB’s are the best corps east of USC. Only trouble spot is maybe on d-line, but Bradley has his teams prepared. Will Hall and Jay? =WK 2 NOTE= Morelli looked like a different person back there. The defense showed a lot of excitement both on the field and philisophically. =WK 3 NOTE= Still showing weaknesses in areas. PSU’s usual inconsistent play is this team’s Achilles heel in 2007. =WK 4 NOTE= This program has got to learn how to take advantage of weaker teams straight out of the gate, instead of waiting 2-3 quarters to do it. You play like that this weekend, you’ll be 3-1 for sure. This Michigan game is enormous for PSU from a psychological standpoint. You have got to win big games on the road. Is Penn State ready to turn the page? =WK 5 NOTE= Once again, coaching costs this team a chance to win a big game. =WK 6 NOTE= How many times do you need to be slapped in the back of the head before you make adjustments? =WK 7 NOTE= Nice Iowa win, gonna be a nice Wisconsin win to double it up. =WK 8 NOTE= Has trouble on the road, especially at Indiana, and now has to play the best Indiana team the Big Ten has seen in years. Huge trap game. =WK 9 NOTE= Squeaked out a win in Bloomington, and the corners are still not playing as well as they should be. They get OSU at home where they have won 5 of 7 against them. This is a very big opportunity for Penn State to show that they still matter. But like always, this team hinges on Morelli. =WK 10 NOTE= Big time programs act like big time programs and that’s why this team has 3 losses. A commitment to mediocrity. =WK 11 NOTE= A win is a win, even over a bad Purdue.

33.) Wisconsin (24)
People can talk about Wisconsin all they want, but the truth of the matter is that this team played 1 good team last year and they got killed by them. =WK 3 NOTE= Nothin’ like a last-second score to beat UNLV. =WK 4 NOTE= Struggled yet again, this time against The Citadel. They’re not App. State, guys, and neither is UNLV. They’ll struggle this week versus Iowa, too. =WK 5 NOTE= You won’t win every nailbiter, Wisconsin. =WK 6 NOTE= I am still just not impressed with this team at all. They are very overrated. They have Illinois this week, on the road. Expect an upset. =WK 7 NOTE= Have Penn State on the road this week, and I’m calling another Wisconsin loss. This team sucks. =WK 8 NOTE= Lost at Penn State, proved their worth which is nothing at all, and has No. Illinois this week. =WK 9 NOTE= This team is thoroughly irrelevant. =WK 10 NOTE= They’ll get killed by OSU. =WK 11 NOTE= OSU pulled away in the second half, and thank God, because if I hear one more person talk about how great Wisconsin is, I am going to kill myself.

34.) BYU (31)
– Excellent uniforms. =WK 2 NOTE= mid-major powerhouse looks to get their deserved respect versus overrated UCLA. Go Cougars. =WK 5 NOTE= Crushed Air Farce and looked beautiful while doing it. =WK 6 NOTE= Beat New Mexico. Smell the ratings. =WK 7 NOTE= Wish I could see this game: BYU and UNLV. Both teams will be measured, and if I was BYU I’d be worried.

35.) Texas Tech (38)
Offense can destroy pretty much anyone, put up 700 yds of offense in that loss last week. =WK 6 NOTE= Back-up QB Tyler Potts put on a passing clinic after Harrell’s day was done. There’s no end in sight for this offense. =WK 7 NOTE= The train is leaving the station, folks, so get on board. texas Tech is about to make a huge splash in the Big 12, and it starts this week versus a horrible A&M. =WK 8 NOTE= Annihalated Texas A&M, now gets to prove themselves against Missouri. =WK 9 NOTE= Obliterated offensively against what seemed like an average defense. =WK 10 NOTE= Another loss to a questionable team. When you see opportunities to advance your program, you gotta take them, guys. =WK 11 NOTE= A win’s a win.

36.) Cincinnati (-)
=WK 6 NOTE= Won a yawner over San Diego State. First test comes against Rutgers this week. =WK 7 NOTE= Now they’ll start playing decent teams, finally. Nice win over overrated Rutgers, though. Louisville this week. =WK 8 NOTE= Lost to unranked Louisville, should kill Pitt. =WK 9 NOTE= Well, they lost to Pitt somehow, and it looks like this program has come back to Earth. =WK 11 NOTE= Well, then they go out and upset USF. Make sense out of that.

37.) Fresno State (39)
=WK 8 NOTE= They are quietly 4-2, and face a deceptive San Jose State this week. =WK 9 NOTE= Beating Boise can put this team back on the map. =WK 10 NOTE= Lost to Boise State, a big conference rival.

38.) Air Force (-)
=WK 8 NOTE= Another team who is quietly accumulating wins is Air Force. The influx of new blood on that staff has worked well so far. They have a nice contest against Wyoming this week. Winner will make their first Power 40 appearance next week. =WK 9 NOTE= Beat a good Wyoming squad, has another Power 40 test in New Mexico. =WK 10 NOTE= Lost to a good New Mexico.

39.) Utah (-)
=WK 11 NOTE= Been off the Power 40 radar for a long time, and are finally getting some deserved respect.

40.) Navy (-)
=WK 8 NOTE= Beat a garbage Pitt in OT, and will give Wake a good run. I’d take Wake, though. =WK 11 NOTE= Anyone who ends a 43 game losing streak deserves to be given a spot in the Power 40.


Georgia Tech
– Worst coaching staff in the BCS. =WK 3 NOTE= They’re putting up points against bad teams, folks. But I’ll give them a shot with a top 25 rank. They have BC this week, so we’ll see. =WK 4 NOTE= The coaches at this school are the reason why they will never take the next step. They’ll rebound this week versus Virginia. In theory. =WK 5 NOTE= God, it feels good to be right. Georgia Tech sucks. =WK 6 NOTE= In classic fashion, Clemson loses to someone terrible. =WK 7 NOTE= My back is killing me from patting it so often. =WK 8 NOTE= Beat a terrible Miami. =WK 11 NOTE= This is the worst team in the BCS and I am growing very tired of people who expect this program to explode.

– I’m very curious about this team. I’m expecting them to win the North, and make a nice bowl game. Nebraska is on their way back up. =WK 2 NOTE= Marlon Lucky went wild last week, and expect him to do the same this week against an overrated Wake Forest. =WK 3 NOTE= Have the talent, but this program is very fragile. =WK 4 NOTE= Obliterated by USC. Good thing is that they’ll probably still win the Big 12 North. =WK 5 NOTE= Good thing about a 1 point win over Ball State (a win that came because a kid dropped a TD pass) is that they’ll still probably win the Big 12 north. Is there an echo in here? =WK 6 NOTE= Big 12 north showdown this week versus Missouri. =WK 7 NOTE= This program still sucks. =WK 8 NOTE= Great performance against Oklahoma State, gentlemen. =WK 9 NOTE= Tom Osbourne comes back, the writing is on the wall that Callahan is done, and they just lost a 5-star QB commit and another commit this week. Can it get any worse for this program? They will probably get throttled by Texas. The real question is: Can Callahan make it to the end of the season? =WK 10 NOTE= Another loss. How bad can this get? =WK 11 NOTE= You gave up 70+ points to Kansas, dude.

– This team could give anyone fits. Expect Kragthorpe to take Louisville higher than Petrino ever could have. =WK 3 NOTE= How about some defense? they’ll need it this week versus Kentucky in a close game. =WK 4 NOTE= This team has no defense and it caught up with them against an average Kentucky team. =WK 5 NOTE= Worst defense in the NCAA? =WK 7 NOTE= They’re gonna beat Cincinnati. =WK 8 NOTE= They’re gonna beat UCONN, too. =WK 9 NOTE= Worst defense in I-A football and Brian Brohm is pretty damn overrated.

Kansas State
– Still deceptively good. =WK 11 NOTE= Wake up.

They don’t play anyone until next week. =WK 6 NOTE= This is the test Purdue has to pass, and its the first real opponent they have had yet. But they won’t beat OSU. =WK 7 NOTE= I can’t stand Joe Tiller and I hate Purdue even more, but they just might beat Michigan. =WK 8 NOTE= Like usual, Purdue gets hyped, starts 6-0, and then falls on their faces. When this happens over time, it’s all about the coaching, folks. =WK 11 NOTE= Another disaster in West Lafayette. This program sucks.

Michigan State
– Beat a bunch of sissies. =WK 6 NOTE= Lost a close one to Wisconsin. =WK 7 NOTE= How do you give up 520 in the air to NW? =WK 8 NOTE= Ohio State. This is your season, Michigan State. =WK 9 NOTE= Almost pulled off a shocker in Columbus by climbing from the depths to make it a close game against OSU. =WK 10 NOTE= Lost to an Iowa team who can’t seem to figure out if they’re good or not. Once again, the wheels fall off in Lansing as the second-half of the season rolls around. =WK 11 NOTE= Lost a heartbreaker to Michigan.

– Only here because they are better than Georgia. =WK 2 NOTE= Looked decent, but now they face a huge non-BCS test in BYU. This might be the prettiest game of the year. =WK 3 NOTE= Huge win last week, another decent one this week.=WK 4 NOTE= Nice game. Karl Dorrell continues to baffle us with his inconsistency. They have Washington this week, who the hell knows how that’ll turn out. =WK 5 NOTE= This team is way better off with that back-up playing instead of Olsen. But Karl Dorrell loves to do well 75% of the time and make weird decisions the other 25%, so expect Olsen to play when he gets back. =WK 6 NOTE= This team is too weird. =WK 7 NOTE= How bad is this team? =WK 8 NOTE= Has a chance to get back into it with Cal, who is upset prone. =WK 9 NOTE= Pulled off a big upset of Cal, maybe this team is still relevant. =WK 10 NOTE= Terrible loss to Washington State for many reasons. =WK 11 NOTE= Good way to get back on track after losing to Wazzou is to lose to Arizona.

Texas A&M
Like Pinkell in the north, so goes Dennis Francione in the south. This team is supposed to be “loaded”, but I don’t see it. McGee is good, RB’s are adequate, but I’ll believe this hype when I see it. =WK 4 NOTE= I’m curious about this Miami game. This is a very big test for A&M, and I’m expecting a very close win. =WK 5 NOTE= Francione doesn’t let his critics down, yet again. =WK 6 NOTE= Why doesn’t Dennis Francione fired on the spot when he got nailed for selling inside info to those people? A&M sucks. =WK 7 NOTE= They’ll lose to Tech. =WK 8 NOTE= This program is so much shakier than people want to believe. Franny will be gone, and this team sucks. =WK 9 NOTE= Beat Nebraska in the Buyout Bowl. =WK 10 NOTE= Took another loss, this time to Kansas. =WK 11 NOTE= Texas A&M has very unrealistic goals for this program, and they deserve to lose these games after they threw that money at a classless coach.

New Mexico (32)
=WK 8 NOTE= This team is under everybody’s radar. They have San Diego State this week. =WK 9 NOTE= Big test against a good Air Force team. =WK 10 NOTE= Big win over a good Air Force squad. =WK 11 NOTE= Crushed by TCU.

Miami (35)
– You can talk about young defenses all you want. This LB corps is very talented and SS Kenny Phillips is the best in the business. Randy Shannon is a defensive coach, folks. Don’t buy into the “they’re too young on defense” crap. The problem in Miami was never a lack of talent, it was a lack of motivation and leadership at the top. That’s going to change now. Plus, the ACC sucks. =WK 2 NOTE= They can’t throw worth a dang, but at least they benefit from being in a terrible conference. =WK 3 NOTE= It’s like AC/DC said: Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll. =WK 4 NOTE= Can avenge that huge OU loss by beating A&M this week. =WK 5 NOTE= Awesome performance versus A&M. Maybe there’s life down there after all. =WK 7 NOTE= Doesn’t get much worse than to lose to a team who is garbage and is coached by a guy who used to be at your school. This Miami project is going to take awhile for Shannon. =WK 8 NOTE= Look on the bright side, Testaverde is back. =WK 9 NOTE= If nothing else, they beat FSU, and that’s always welcomed. =WK 11 NOTE= 1 for 16 passing? You lost to NC State!

Colorado (36)
=WK 7 NOTE= Been a few weeks coming, but CU makes the Power 40. =WK 8 NOTE= They’re not bad, but aren’t very good either. =WK 9 NOTE= Making quiet progress. Lost to Kansas, but then again, so did 6 other teams. Colorado will be fine. =WK 10 NOTE= DB superstar Terrance Wheatley has another big game for the Buffs defense. Now they get Missouri at home. =WK 11 NOTE= Lost to a good team.

Wyoming (37)
=WK 8 NOTE= Not making much noise but they are decent. Whoever wins this week between them and Air Force will get a shot in the Power 40. =WK 9 NOTE= Lost to a good Air Force.

Rutgers (40)
– Don’t let the UB defense fool you, this is a 3 loss team. =WK 4 NOTE= Still making everyone yawn. =WK 5 NOTE= Is there an echo in here? Yawn. I’ve got to see them play a decent team. =WK 6 NOTE= Nice loss to an unranked Maryland. Must-win situation versus Cincinnati. =WK 7 NOTE= Huge loss to Cincy. =WK 8 NOTE= Chance to get back into it versus USF this week. =WK 9 NOTE= Upset a top-ranked team and may repeat that performance this week against WVU. This team still matters. =WK 10 NOTE= They mattered enough to get slaughtered in Morgantown. Can get back some credit versus UCONN. =WK 11 NOTE= Well, it was a nice run, Schiano. Welcome to the bottom of the Big East where you belong.

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