We still love you Steve.


Only three weeks after announcing he was going to run for president the current shit filled political system blocked him. What about that whole “for the people” thing? Why shouldn’t anybody be allowed to run in any state at any time? Why do we have to go through all this stupid shit constantly. Stephen Colbert more accurately represented the qualities I was looking for in a president than any other candidate and now I can’t vote for him because, “Now is not a time for humor in American politics”.

Fuck that. If not now, when? The current political situation is laughable all on it’s own and has been since long before I was born. There is no proper representation of the people, there is executing one’s own agenda while in the most powerful office in the free world, and that’s the extent of it.

Reagan spent a shit load on space fighting and running guns and drugs and fighting aliens…oh wait…wrong Contra. Bush the first got to try and hijack eastern oil since his wells in Texas couldn’t feed his greed. Clinton got to drill for poon in various fields, and Bush V2.0, well… he cheated his way into office got lucky by being handed the chance to look like a bad ass, ran with it, fucked it up, and is now attacking anything that moves…heh heh heh. Not to mention his ability to screw everything up that he touches so completely. He has pissed away the American economy, completely ignored the American people on every issue, jacked gas prices up to ridiculous heights and destroyed the American educational system. Hell the second time around his campaign bus should have been the short bus.


Is no one other than me sick of this yet? You want to know what’s wrong with politics? We keep electing politicians. Hasn’t the previous list of complaints been enough? If not toss in the complaints of some other offices. Rape, manslaughter, statutory rape, reckless endangerment, embezzlement, forgery, pubes on a Coke can, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, perjury and much much more. Now is without a doubt the time for a change.

But of course it ruffled the feathers of both the Republicans and Democrats to have a regular Joe…er…Steve on the ballot.

Don’t worry Steve we still love you, and we sincerely hope you run again in 2012, and if the world doesn’t end like all the apocalyhippies say it will then I will make my own announcement… I would now like to take this time to announce I am running for president in 2016. They say the early bird gets the worm. I say to hell with the bird and the worm I am here and I’m not gonna shut up until I have your votes, and you sure as shit won’t see me on a ballot, I want your votes the old fashioned way. A write in.


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