D’Anton Lynn Jams His Face in it at Happy Valley / Super Texas Penn State Power Alliance

For the first time since I can remember, PSU has a commit from Texas. 6-1 180 lb. LB/S/WR/QB/CB D’anton Lynn from Celina. Celina is about 40 mins from UNT where I went to college. I saw tons of NCAA players in HS when I was down there, but since being back in PA, I have not seen Lynn in person. This is big-time news for PSU that he committed there. He was recruited as a defensive player, and whether or not King leaves early is besides the point, because King and Sargent are both irrelevant anymore. Hopefully this will open the door to Texas for Penn State, since it closed after I left.

For any of you a-holes reading this, I think Celina is still in the playoff race. I will be there soon and hopefully get to see him play, and I hope you like getting dragged around to see high school football players, because you are going.

Lynn had offers from USC, Ohio State, Florida, Louisville, and Oklahoma.

It looks like Celina may stick around awhile in the playoffs, they just crushed Whitesboro last night 44-7 and now they are still undefeated. Ross should remember Whitesboro as a place we drove around at about 3 am looking for a place to eat. I think we ended up back at Grammie and Gramp’s house and had a bunch of hot pockets and Hoffbauer. Ross probably filled his tank from the old tanker in the yard, and I think we may have stolen Gramp’s bulldozer and picked up a cement pig with it or something like that. Either way, Celina has been really jamming their face in it this season, and has been making all their opponents eat their wife’s pussy every week. D’anton Lynn is no exception. He has personally forced over 4 dozen WR’s to jam their face in it and eat their wife’s pussy this year. I hope you faggots are ready for some high school football, as me and Lynn combine our forces to form the Super Texas Penn-State Power Alliance.

Getcha popcorn ready, dickheads.

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