Dear Santa Part 2

Dear E-Rokk,

I regret to inform you that this year you will not only not be receiving a single item on your list, but that you will be receiving nothing at all, not even coal. I hope you freeze. I couldn’t even put you on the naughty list because I didn’t want to have to insult all the people already on it.

Where the hell do you get off making fun of Chris Benoit’s death, 9/11, Homeless vets, fat people, cancer victims, stupid people, black people, white people, religions, vegans, myspace and Bam Margera ? And if that wasn’t bad enough you constantly talk about child rapists like Gary Glitter like they are folk heroes in your twisted stories.

You never shut up about wrestling, the venomous duck or the god damned American Gladiators and you’re a pompous jack ass. So, no, you won’t be getting a single thing from me. Now I know for sure that Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus because if there were a god he would have killed you off a long time ago.

If you want to try and make Santa a little happier with you then you can always take this paper and try to paper cut your jugular.

I hate you, please die,


P.S. John Carpenter says to tell you to stay the fuck off his lawn.

Back to the original letter

Watch Me Go Over Santa’s fat ass head

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