Hey Fatass! Yeah, You!

I never understood why fat pieces of shit will complain about being fat, yet do nothing to fix it. Seriously, you realize you are 5’0″ and 245lbs, you realize it’s not healthy, yet you do nothing about it and you get pissed off when people like me point it out and make fun of you.

The reality of it is, I will always make fun of you. You look like something I want to stuff into my trunk and go on a dirt road playing Waylon Jennings and laughing my ass off. If I could spit in every fat person’s face at least once, I would. Not because I’m an asshole, but because I think it’s needed to actually make you UNDERSTAND you are worthless and not worth anyone’s time. Good luck every getting a significant other that actually cares about you. They will likely be with you because you will always have tv dinners in stock and light beer on tap.

It always cracks me up how you can order 5 double cheeseburgers and a diet cola. What is the purpose of the diet cola? There is none, don’t give me that bullshit of you like the taste better. The reality of it is you think it will actually help you. It won’t help, hell Jenny Craig won’t help your worthless yet big ass. How about you quit stuffing your worthless face with food that is unhealthy for you? Go on a solid diet, get on a solid training program. Oh wait, that would involve you actually moving and getting your heart rate going and I know we can’t have that in the least bit.

I knew this girl one time who would always cry because she was made fun of for being a fattie. I laughed, because she in fact was one large ass woman. I’m listening to Rick James right now and he would not even give it to you.

I say anyone reading this right now joins me in a nationwide effort on cracking down on fatties. If you see one, spit in their face. Kick them in the shin, ask them what their feet look like and watch them look at you with the most curious look on their face you will ever see. Me as one, cannot put an end to this. Below you will find some things we must put an end to.

– Juicy on sweatpants worn by fatties

– Lack of Fritos in vending machines due to fatties

– Clothing prices on the rise because fatass mother fuckers need xxxxxxl

– Rap music that encourages big asses

– Black men dating fat white girls

– Skinny men dating fat girls

– Fatties

Together, we can make this happen. Not only can we put an end to fatness, we can put an end to thinking it’s acceptable. Let’s spread the word like cream cheese on a cracker…fat people are not people. They are a form of blubber that is taking over this fine country of ours.

Rufus = out

4 responses to “Hey Fatass! Yeah, You!

  1. Bravo my friend. Bravo

  2. viva la revaluation!!

  3. this makes me laugh, a lot.

  4. well said i hate my fat ass sister who complains to much that shs fat and says she goes on a diet.we went to the doctors and he said she was overweight and need to quit eaing i laughed my ass off cuz she cried shes a bitch anyways

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