Tis The Season…For Killing.

Christmas, or “X-Mas” as it is liked to be dubbed now, is for sure the best season for going on a rampage in your local town killing everything that moves.I know a lot of people complain about the holidays, but they never actually do anything about it.

I think the staff here at Hey Stupid! and all of you fans out there, (so thats a total of about 10 people right?) should destroy the holidays once and for all. No more presents, no more worrying about credit card bills, no more suicides, no more depression, no more fatties from people eating so much, no more killing over religion…give the holiday back to Jesus.

we can stop this travesty.

stopping the idiots that incite this holiday should be blown off the face of the earth first, we then we go and pick off the morons that don’t want to give it up, like Santa and the elves.

I personally am going to see that Christmas is killed this year.

Only because of the morons that ruin it for everyone else.

I will unleash my secret weapon…

You will see your beloved “Christmas” die.

– Mr. Pumpkin

(Dictated but not read)

One response to “Tis The Season…For Killing.

  1. Santa is fat. We all know how I feel about fatasses

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