Hate Mail from the King of Beers.


A lot of people who have been contacting me, or commenting this site or talking to me when I am out seem to misunderstand. I nor Renegade Revival never originally called for a boycott of Anheuser-Busch or any of their other brands. I was simply voicing an opinion. It wasn’t until this “representative” contacted me that I got really upset. Most importantly if you want to threaten me with bogus charges that’s fine I will throw down because I already know I am smarter than you, but when you come at the Renegade Revival You have to deal with all of us and we can be very annoying and persistent because let’s face it, we have nothing better to do.

I would also like to point out that while writing the original rant I was well aware that AB owns a good deal of the other beers on my “list” I tossed them on there to show that I don’t care about who owns them as long as they taste good. In fact while writing the original rant I was drinking a six of Winter Bourbon Cask Ale which is bottled and distributed by AB.

I would like to say what follows in an absolutely true account. Enjoy.

My Original Rant:

Rolling Rock was always one of my three all time favorite beers. Now let me clarify before any of you think I am a race watching beer swilling hillbilly. I am a beer connoisseur. I usually try and stay away from main stream beers because they all pretty much taste the same. They’re generic. At the other end I enjoy a micro brew, but I have determined that they can be unreliable at best. I also don’t believe a beer has to be expensive to be good. There are plenty of cheap beers that have a really unique taste or something special about them that makes them enjoyable. If i had to put a list together of my favorites I would say

Samuel Adams
Blue Moon
Red Stripe
Widmer Hefeweizen
Saint Pauli Girl
Blue Moon
Grain Belt
Old Style
St. Ides
Magic Hat
Jessie James
Black Hook
Red Hook
Old German

And many many more. But I suppose since I am originally from PA my top shining three are Yuengling, Iron City Light and up until last year, Rolling Rock.

I loved rolling rock so much I was even planning on getting a “33” with the horses head tattooed on me. Hell when i first moved away from Pennsylvania and people would ask where I was from I would jokingly respond with “from the glass lined tanks of Old Latrobe…from the mountain springs to you”. Then as most of you know last year it was bought out by Anheuser-Busch because they have to own everything.

The moment it was announced that the brewing of Rolling Rock was being moved out of Latrobe I began boycotting it. Well finally a few weeks ago I was at my local beer distro and saw a 33 pack of ponies on say for $6.00 I couldn’t get over it so I decided, “what the hell, they’re cheap so I’ll try it”. I soon found out why it was cheap. Anheuser-Busch turned Rolling Rock into watered down Bud Light. It tasted like a wet asshole. They ruined it and people that actually enjoyed Rolling Rock don’t drink it. Fuck you Anheuser Busch, fuck you.

Then what really pissed me off is they kept the slogan AND the 33 on the bottle, and It still says “Latrobe Brewing Company” on the front, but when you roll it over it says “Latrobe Brewing Company. St. Louis, Missouri.”

Piss on it.

Apparently Sam Adams is being brewed in the old Latrobe brewery so I’ll be drinking more of that now.

I would like to point out I in no way called for a boycott, or said that I myself would stop drinking any other AB brands. I was simply disappointed with Rolling Rock. Hell, I understand how business works, I’m not a dummy, but if they didn’t want competition from the brand they should have shut it down, now drag its once good name through the mud.

They’re EXTREMELY professional customer service to me:

Wow buddy Wow!! I’m going to throw this out there so you know what’s going on from the beginning. I work for Anheuser Busch in Rapid City so you might want to rethink some of the things you said. I’m going to touch on a few points here.

1. Not all “main stream beers” (or American Premiums as real beer connoisseurs like to say) are generic. AB (Anheuser Busch) puts so much time, effort and quality ingretients into our Budweiser family its rediculous.

2. AB bought Rolling Rock to help it stay alive. We are a huge company and have many outlets for this great beer to go. In the Rapid City market, our competition had it up until last year, and we have more than doubled their sales numbers since we’ve started distribution it.

3. When AB bought Rolling Rock, we did nothing to the recipe. Rolling Rock is very capable of holding its own and there was no need for us to change it or try and make it better.

4. I am our marketing rep in Rapid City, so you want to say “fuck you” to my company, I’ll make sure we do the same back. I do our marketing, advertising, and promotions, so I’ll make sure I never do anything to support you or your band and will make sure other people in my company hear what you had to say. If you want any advertisement for your band to be in a bar you had better hope that Miller is willing to do it because we no longer are.

~Cassie Kimball *Budweiser*
Contemporary Marketing Representative
Eagle Sales of the Black Hills, Inc
(605) 430-1514



And my return to her:

Awesome. And let me say that is very professional of you. As a marketer shouldn’t your primary concern being learning what it is i don’t like about your product and trying to resolve that issue. You are obviously not very good at your job. I really don’t care about corporate sponsorship from your operation nor would I ever, but you really are a poor representative for your employer.

Just so you know since you never did take the time to find out is that my major beef with what AB is that while they kept the RR brand alive they put a bunch of people out of work. As if western Pa wasn’t already in a bad way what with the closings of virtually all the major steel mills, the mining operations falling off and most production lines closing.

So yeah, I am glad my little rant got under your skin, but if you have a problem with me or what I said then you should have tried coming at me as an individual not as a representative of your company. You may think your hot shit but after working in marketing for a long time I am willing to bet you a Rolling Rock that they wouldn’t be happy with the way you just represented them to a dissatisfied customer, ESPECIALLY one that promotes their form of music as “Drunk N Roll” and has caused any bar his band has played in to see on average a 22% increase in overall sales while we are on stage.

If you were intelligent, after finding out what my real beef was you would have come to me with some way to win me back, say first explaining to me why Rolling Rock is still a quality brand, which I will admit you did, but in a piss poor way, and then ASK how you can make me have a better experience. It is called brand representation and customer service.

Now if you’d like to try again I am happy to listen, as I mentioned I WAS a loyal Rolling Rock fan but you are really driving the wedge between your employers product and my desire for a cool, delicious, frothy beverage deeper and deeper.

You also may want to run spell check if you want to be taken seriously.

So “Bud” you may be the king of beers…but do you have to be a complete douche?

Need more proof? Check out Wikipedia’s entry. “Residents of the Greater Latrobe Area organized a boycott of InBev and Anheuser-Busch brands to demonstrate their disapproval of Rolling Rock leaving the area where it was born. Although Anheuser-Busch has claimed that the recipe has remained the same, some Rolling Rock enthusiasts claim the taste of the beer has slightly changed since the move to Newark.”

Or this article on MSNBC

apparently I’m not just a lone nut that feels this way.

Here are some more people that agree with me:

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23 responses to “Hate Mail from the King of Beers.

  1. WOW!
    As a media rep myself for my organization, I can not believe the response you received from such a big name company. Its unbelievable. You should send that to her management for sure, and rolling rock if there is a way to do that.

    And kuddos to you for telling them how it is. The customer may not always be right, but as business, you let them believe they are.

    Good luck!


  2. “Rolling Rock fuckin sucks. I would rather drink cat piss, ha ha haha! Give em’ hell.”

  3. My aunt owns a beer distribution store in PA. When the news that AB bought out the Latrobe brewery, I can remember many dissapointed customers coming in. There were many people who came in and tried to buy as much as they could before the brewery was closed. I can’t remember a single person liking, let alone supporting that idea.

    Also as mentioned above, the numerous people who were left jobless. Congratualtions AB. You should really feel proud of yourselves. Western PA’s economy is holding on by a thread as it is. You had no problem coming in an pulling what was not only pride to the the people, but their means of survival! What are they left with? Nothing. All so you can take their fame and call it yours!

    Furthermore, the Miss Hot Shit representitive needs to do a double take. Yes, it might be your job to defend your company, but you’re supposed to do it in a positive manner, catering to the customer. Well, as it stands you suck at it. This isn’t some sort of high school fight. Grow up. Oh well since you said that about my company I’m not sponsoring your band. Like he needs you. His concerns not with the money he receives or should I say won’t be receiving from you (big deal!), it’s the money that your comapy took from the employees of the western PA brewery. I think it’s a wise thing to say that as far as I’m concerned, you suck. You need to really step back and re-read what you wrote. Think of how pleased your employer would be to see you’re the reason there’s going to be so much outrage towards your company. You’re the reason that this is going to be a much bigger issue than it ever was!


    You Suck!



  5. I quit drinking it too because it does taste different. Not to mention why would I want to endorse a company that laid off hundreds of people so they could make a profit! It’s just no right!

  6. This is getting out of hand…i love it!!!

  7. as a PA resident myself, a scrubby skinhead from the ghettos of philly to be exact, I agree with the way industry is falling off here. but that’s not the point. that rep is a douchebag supreme, and should be flogged with the clubs of the working class.

  8. I bought an 18 pack of bud on my way home from work tonight, but after I read this I went back and returned it and bought me some red stripes, now it did cost more money, but I would rather put my money into a place that didn’t put people in my country out of a job. I have morales and I wish AB did too.

    Good job on stomping a mud hole in there ass’s and walking it dry.

  9. Hey you really should contact her manager….something is not right in her head for her attack as it was.

  10. krispy-cream-sheetz-oil

    I would love to see someone do a scientific study and analyze a true 33 to the infidel 33

  11. Amazing that after a year and a half the move from Latrobe is still a sore subject with so many people. I take great exception to her claim that: “AB bought Rolling Rock to help it stay alive. We are a huge company and have many…” Is she speaking for AB herself? It appears she is only an employee of a marketing company hired by AB, but I could be wrong. But more importantly, Rolling Rock was not dying by anyone’s figures.

    Everyone I have talked to says the taste has changed. Some say better, some say worse. Personally, I say worse. I believe the recipe stayed the same, but the water is different, the machines are different, the weather, temperature, humidity, etc.. is all different. The bottom line for me is that since the move, Rolling Rock no longer represents Latrobe (my home town). It could taste better for all I care, I still would not drink it. I am pretty sure that with all their marketing money they will sell more Rolling Rock then previous owners. Good for them. But I can not drink any AB products in good conscience. I don’t think AB will miss me. 🙂

    Great blog. Don’t give up on all beers (it seems you got a couple other favorites to keep you going). I have unplugged my beer tap system after the last real keg of Rolling Rock. Thanks also for the link to saverollingrock.org! –Jamie

  12. id like to see the original letter that made her say that kind of shit to you cause if you ask me the way she came at you she made it sounded like you attacked her in your rant. if you did i believe it would been waranted. if you said fuck you to the company, you dont think that you deserved it back? and on top of that your gonna cry about someone saying fuck you. cmon dude…your a grown man and if you can take a person telling you to fuck off maybe you should go back to school. im a working class skinhead myself a rough neck to be exact…and lots of companies put people out of work. if you were to stop buying products from companies that put people out of work…youd be a lot skinnier and you probably wouldnt drive a car or ride a bike. this sounds like you got sand in your clit and ya need to dig it out. dont drink the freakin beer if its that big of a deal…and for the grip of people that are suckin your dick here…why dont you all take some physical action instead of crying on the internet. get together and have some powow and storm the AB gates and yell “THIS IS SPARTA!!!” while doing so. you crying like this about her attacking you and not drinking AB products anymore is just like would be just as petty as me saying im not gonna support your band by going to the shows anymore because i dont agree w you. eagle sponsors some activities, companies and organizations that are great for the comunity like Scooters. contrary to poppular belief and what THE BUSINESS says, drinking and driving isnt very smart bruv. sorry but this all seems just gay. theres worse things you could be worrying about. ohh and the whole spell check comment. funny and true but cmon…we all make mistakes…except for you.



  13. 1)The original rant would be the entire first half entitled “original rant”.

    2)I used to work for Scooters. Go ahead ask around. I know they do good work.

    3) I never actually called for a boycott of anything. I simply vented my frustrations and stated the I would no longer drink Rolling Rock.

    4) I would have had no problem with what she said to me if she came to me as an individual and voiced her opinion. After all freedom of speech is what allows you, me and everyone else involved look like a dumb ass in some respect. She didn’t, she came at me as a representative of her company, of AB, and she came at me all wrong. As someone who has been working in marketing all my adult life, I know a thing or two about it and you NEVER insult the angry customer. You try and resolve to problem. If that would have been the case I would have let it go. So yeah, FUCK Eagle, fuck their dumb ass marketing reps that try to sound like their hot shit and you’re right, I don’t make mistakes. That’s why so many people listen when I talk. You did.

  14. sorry i missed that title original rant. i didnt see it there i think she was pretty professional about how she told you to fuck off though. yeah it is your right to speak your mind but i mean comon dude theres better things to make a stink about than beer. i dont think that she came off as hot shit either. in my opinion i think when she said you might wanna rethink what you said she was saying working for a company that deals w/ AB products she may have more knowledge about em than you do. but when i read your retort back to her letter you came off as some rock star…can i ask how you know that there was a 22% rise in beer sales when RV does a show? i dig your guys music and i love the shit out of keith but how the shit did you find out about this rise in sales and how did you know it was 22%? i fuckin suck w math so please enlighten me what about black hook and red hook? you drink those and eagle distributes those in RC. thats great that you worked for scooters man atta way for givin back to the community, i was simply making a statelent that eagle sponsors them and scootters is a good thing. i just think youre being a little butt-hurt over the whole ordeal and making it more of a if deal than it needs to be. if you rant…expect a rant back. just because youre an angry customer doesnt mean you reserve the right to do shit ya know. its like in any establishment they reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. im just saying your as wrong or as right (whatever way you wanna look at it) as she is and just need to stop drinking the beer. youre not wrong for voicing your opinion to her and shes not wrong for feeling the way she does about doing anything for RV. you did say piss on it and you did say fuck you AB. the gal that left a reply sounds like she knows what shes talkin about when it comes to why RR tastes different, air, water, elevation and so on. she was right when youre a conoiseur she is right about the american premiums…she has ya there. i think part of this animosity kind of stemmed from her kind of putting you in your place.

    and i thought i would point out some mistakes you made maker of no mistakes.

    You try and resolve to problem. -think you meant try to resolve the problem.

    33 pack of ponies on say for $6.00- didnt you mean on sale not on say?
    anyways good luck on your quest spartan.

  15. AB puts time, quality an effert in its products. What a joke. They use cheap 6 row barley and cheap grains and piss poor hops. What they brew you can’t even drink. It’s pretty much beer syrup. They tanker car it, add 2/3’s water and force carbonate it. Plus, they they have to use adjuncts. It’s a crap product, the Rep. has no clue about beer, or how to do her job.

    If it doesn’t meet the German purity law of 1516, I don’t drink it. Nothing from AB even comes close.

  16. so why is it you all are soooooo angry again? it sounds like all of you could speak for yourselves and make your own descisions.

    get to it sparans.

  17. i stand corrected spartans

  18. As i read this blog i could not resist to try to understand your illogical quest for originality. It seems as though you find no fun in just going out and enjoying yourself no matter the case of what you drink. I say that you just go for the heavier whiskey therefore making you make a little better judgment and go back to rolling rock and determine that it actually may not taste that shitty after a taste of a shot of wild turkey. Look at the terrible drinks that are truly out there that didn’t sell out such as muskatelle wine and thunderbird. But that’s not the point. As A-B bought out Rolling Rock, they may be attempting to try to improve upon it based on the financing that such a blood seeker that A-B is. They have tons of money and may work to improve the flavor. I do agree that it was a sensational beer, but still i would not say that it was at the top of the list for beers before or after. I just want to say that with advertising and intuition from such a company that smears their logo across america this may later spring a rise in economiccs and jobs as well. If it takes off in popularity such as that of bud, bud light, micholob and light, and all there branches, they will soon improve. Don’t be so soon to judge them as they will soon become part of the chain. But its not the Rolling Rock that i’m concerned about but yet back to your opinion. It seems that you want this uniqueness in your opinion by showing that you are a connoissuer (or however you spell it, not too concerned due to it being the internet). Be original and just drink what you want to drink and if you want to be original and fight the supposed authority of beer do it quietly and slide the knife in slowly and quietly unknowingly taking advantage of that authority using them and taking them along for the ride. Eventually you will win. But if you keep up this nonsense crap of trying to show up the man the man will press harder showing you that they will not persist your unreliant opinion of unhappiness a.k.a. bitching as unprecident complaints that won’t be heard. In my opinion and that being that, shut the fuck up, drink what tastes right, and have fun and quit bitching about insignificant bullshit.

  19. I totally agree with Mac on this one.. guys grow up, quit bitching about the beer. Drink what you want and let others do the same. Sure, there’s gotta be a dick representative that has to get into everyone else’s business and fuck with them. Well, guess what, they’re everywhere and they’re never gonna go away. So it looks like you’re gonna have to get used to it, because if you voice your opinion, there’s going to be opinions spit right back at you. So if you’re going to debate, debate in a manner with class. Be adults here, please. And the subject that you’re debating about, makes no difference in my life or anyone else’s lives for that matter. No one cares. It’s beer for God’s sake.

    – L

  20. I would just like to say obviously it has some effect if you took the time to write that. Also, as a follow up, A-B corporate agreed that we were mistreated by the local rep and gave us a truck load of free beer. Finally, there are no adults HERE. This is Hey Stupid.

  21. Did they give you some REAL Rolling Rock?

  22. A lilttle bird fluttering by

    Thanks for a great post imho in support of what was, once, a great beer. I think a lot of the folks with replies on here that don’t seem to understand, probably simply never had an original. There are many great beers in this world, and none other quite like what the waters of Latrobe allowed some meager humans the chance to taste, at least once.

    On another note, my husband never was much of a beer drinker, never really enjoyed any of them. I introduced him to RR, and he finally found a beer he enjoyed. No longer. The new product is different and not to my taste, on so many levels ha!

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