The Current State Of Rock

As of late, a lot of “old” bands that I listen to have been coming out with new albums.Have I been excited? Sure. Was I disappointed when i actually heard it? Yup. I was up half the night last night because I couldn’t sleep, thinking about the state that rock and metal music is in these days, and it doesn’t look good. Now, in the past year or so, Metal has been making a come back, especially to a younger generation.

There’s nothing wrong with that, I like the fact that younger kids appreciate Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, ect ect. With new bands like Avenged Sevenfold, who are great musicians, no wonder why metal has made a great come back in the world of music.

But then there’s the bands I just don’t understand. They put out a new album after years of being “silent” and it’s just terrible. The main band I’m thinking of right now is Silver Chair.There latest travesty, “Young Modern” is probably the most disappointing piece of garbage to date. See, I thought this whole industrial music crap went down the drain years ago, and was forgotten about. But apparently it hasn’t been. We now have Silver Chair, a once powerful rock force, mixing sound effects and keyboards in with their music. Why? I read an interview online where someone stated, “Daniel Johns is going to be the next John Lennon.” I don’t fucking think so. Danny Johns will NEVER in his life be John Lennon.

It’s a shame when bands, instead of changing gradually, change all of the sudden into a complete waste of time. Now, there’s nothing wrong with industrial music if you like that kind of thing, but some bands are just really really bad at it. And I’m sorry, but Silver Chair is terrible at it. Don’t even waste your time or money buying the new Silver Chair cd, because you will want to hang yourself after listening to about 2 minutes of it.

Korn is another band that seemed to stumble down the weary road of industrial music. When i first started listening to Korn many years ago in high school, I liked it because it was different.It was the most angry music I had ever heard. Raw and powerful riffs, and lyrics that would make a prison rapist cry.But despite all this, I knew Korn would be a phase (along with Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock) and would never last. I was right. No one really cares about them anymore, they just seem to be kind of “there”. There cd “see you on the other side” should have been “see you, we’re not coming back”. It was garbage, and I’m glad I didn’t buy it. As for their latest, I haven’t heard it, nor do I want to. I think there should come a time, when a band has worn out it’s welcome, to just say, “you know we had a good run, lets call it quits” and just let it be. Instead, they ruin themselves so people like me have to come online and rant about how bad their new music is. And I hate to tell all you metal/rap bands, but you didn’t create rap metal. Faith No More and Aerosmith were doing that shit long before you ever thought of it.

Slayer…slayer is slayer. No one else in the world can be them. But “Christ Illusion” should be their retirement. I don’t know what the hell they were thinking, but this record SUCKED. Almost all Slayer albums have outdone their last one.Not this abortion. This is like a B-Side compilation that is supposed to be a new record. Guess what? Complete garbage. MAYBE it’s worth listening to a few time because it is slayer. But compared to what they WERE doing, it’s trash. Kerry King stated in a an interview that people like Dave Mustaine “don’t know who they are”. This jackass puts down Metallica (which i won’t even get into them right now) Iron Maiden, Megadeth and a few others. Listen you ignorant prick, i don’t know who the hell you think you are, but Dave Mustaine has been through more shit then you can even imagine. He took a few RISKS, but then went back to doing what he does best. At least everything Megadeth album doesn’t sound the same, asshole.Apparently Slayer doesn’t know who they are either. They went from metal Gods to metal vagina’s.

I don’t know where all this industrial shit keeps coming from, or why bands think that using it in their music is creative, but it seems like rock music is just falling apart. At least Metal has come back, and hopefully will stick around for awhile.

You have to hand it to bands like Green Day, The Offspring, and Local H…they are STILL around. They still rock whether you like them or not, they are still doing what they love to do, without having to change the sound of their music.

Tool’s latest was a boring waste of time as well. You know, I don’t really have a problem with Nine Inch Nails, or Trent Reznor, but keep your fucking industrial shit out of other bands music. From what I heard (and this being a rumor of course) he is personally responsible for ruining Tool and A Perfect Circle.

Nothing but disappointment after disappointment. If your going to record a new album that’s crap, then don’t even fucking bother. Then you wonder why people download your music and not buy it…because it’s not worth it. If someone downloads your new album and doesn’t like it, they weren’t gonna buy it anyway.STOP PUTTING OUT CRAP.

Let industrial music die…it’s only way to be safe.

– StraTT

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