PSU / Pitt Recruiting, Schiano, Anger Management?

Okay, quick notes, losers.

I do not understand how Penn State recruits their players. Look… I realize that PSU has a tremendous alumni base and is a “national” school, but there is no reason whatsoever that Pitt is able to grab all these 4 star players from PA. There is a tight end from Wilkes Barre who is a 4 or 5 star player and is committed to illinois. Penn State basically “lost” Alexander to Florida State this week, a 4-star athlete from Altoona. Jarrod Holley, a 4-star CB from Easton, has very little interest in Penn State. What the hell is going on here?

Go on Scout and look at PSU’s offer board if you want to cry yourself to sleep. They continue to chase ghosts all over the freakin’ country. Look, dude, Cyrus Gray and Julio Jones are NOT COMING TO PENN STATE!!!! They’ve already rolled out the carpet for 2009 QB Tate Forcier, a kid from California who will be a 5-star player coming out of high school. Are you out of your freakin’ minds here or what? What in the hell makes you think that a 5-star QB in California is coming to penn State? Shayne Hale, 5-star LB from Gateway, a school where PSU picked up King, is pretty much headed to Pitt. He doesn’t even have Penn State in consideration!!!!

Am I the only person here to realizes where this program is sitting right now? Am I the only one who realizes how Penn State has neglected the players in PA and focused on chasing ghosts in Texas and California? Penn State is NOT a top-tier program! They can’t even harness the players in their own state!!!!

It is disgusting to me to see top caliber kids slip from Penn State and end up at Ohio State and Notre Dame and PITT. Jarrod Holley, from Easton, a kid that should be committed to PSU starting in 5th grade, has Pitt high on his list. What the hell is the problem here?

They sent McQueary and new safeties coach Buggs down to Celina, TX for damage control on D’anton Lynn, a safety I just saw play a few weeks ago. He has reopened his recruiting. Do you honestly think that D’anton Lynn is going to stay committed to Penn State when PSU let Norwood go to Baylor and there are schools like OSU, USC, OU, and Florida all chasing Lynn? He has offers from those schools. Why did you even waste the time recruiting a kid in Texas when you can’t even keep Holley interested or keep Nihja White from picking DUKE over Penn State… FOR FOOTBALL!!!!!!!

Kudos to Pitt for putting together what is already an awesome class, and will get even better before February.

The more people I talk to, the more I hear about Schiano taking over at Penn State. I’m okay with that hire. Can we please get him here so we can stop having this nonsensical approach to football shoved down our throats?

3 responses to “PSU / Pitt Recruiting, Schiano, Anger Management?

  1. A concerned citizen

    This is the worst blog post I’ve ever read. Stop writing crap and spend more time on the crapper, dude. You suck.

  2. Obviously a typical Pitt fan trying to pump his guns with stale and inaccurate information so akin to Pitt/PennState smack. Lynn committed, Alexander made His choice for personal reasons and quite frankly the other prospects you mentioned werent “must get” targets high on the radar for PSU. If you knew anything relevant to talent you’d have noticed that Penn State is loaded once again with legit Blue Chippers and NOT over inflated politically stared mentioned players, that equates to another year in and year out of preseason hype at Heinz Fields empty yellow fanbase seats of Pitt nation. Last time I checked Tate Forcier knows enough to consider an official to PSU with by the way over 110,000 filled seats come game time.

  3. You realize I wrote this regarding last year’s class, right?

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