Movie View: I am Legend


I started watching an advance screening of this film with 2 of my friends not really knowing what to expect.I know it had something to do with the fresh prince (Will Smith) playing the last man on earth.

As the movie went on I realized it was on of those “virus” type movies, kinda like 28 weeks later.I started to get disappointed. But as the movie went on, it got better and better. There are quite a few disturbing scenes with Will being all alone in the city of New York. See, apparently they thought they had discovered a cure for cancer, but the virus started “mutating” some of the people, and killing off the rest. Only a select few people were immune to the virus altogether. Will (is a marine i guess?) who stays in NY because thats where he was stationed. His only companion was the dog his son asked him to take care of right before they were transported out of the city.

I don’t want to give anything away, but this film has a very dark disturbing presentation that I haven’t seen in a long time.Some very good scenes including, “I told my friend I would say hello to you today. So, Hello. Please say hello to me…” and a heart wrenching scene with Willy and his dog.

Though it wasn’t what I expected, the movie turned out to be pretty watchable. Even though it was a “virus” movie, they actually had a pretty good story line that almost had seemed too real.

The special effects were decent (typical flimsy CGI) but the acting is what really draws you into this one.

My only complaint was the length of the film, which is only about 90 minutes. It just seemed to me that a movie like this should have been a little longer. It felt like it could have had a little more to it. Even though everything is explained, and the movie does in fact end, it just seemed really short. And this is coming from a critic who doesn’t really care for 3 hour movies.

Maybe when it it’s hits DVD it will have an extended edition or an unrated version.

A good film yes, but if I were you, I’d wait for a DVD release.

7 Out Of 10

– StraTT

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