Movie View: The Kingdom


So far in my movie going life, I have seen 3 films that take place in the middle east. “Three Kings (which is an excellent movie), “Jar head” and this film. After Jar head I thought to myself, “wow the middle east is stupid, someone should make fun of it”. I disliked Jar head because it was boring and nothing happened.I guess that was the point of the movie?

Anyway, The Kingdom is very much different from any other middle east based movie that I’ve seen. Although the plot is kinda thin, the characters and action will keep you in your seat. Jamie Fox yet again pulls off another excellent role, and Jennifer Garner is there too. She’s the only woman in the movie, so you’ll be checking her out as you watch, whether you want to or not.

A terrorist group blows up a playground, and in doing so kills an F.B.I. agent. The F.B.I. wants to head on over there and find out who did it, to get redemption for their fallen comrade. See…kinda thin plot.But the movie is actually pretty good, and the last half an hour is all action. So you know what, I recommend this movie. If you got nothing else to do, or the last copy of “Booty Call” is out for the night at your local video store, give The Kingdom a chance.I assure you, it shall not be disappointed.

And when the movie is all said and done you will be saying to yourself, “wow, those people over there are really f#cked up.”

6 Out Of 10.

– StraTT

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