Movie View: The Last Legion


I’m going to be honest, I never even heard of this movie until I saw previews for the DVD release., but this movie was in theaters, back in August.

The new king, Ceaser the something, is put on thrown, and Rome is under attack by the bad guys trying to kill him. This bad buy is trying to take all the kingdoms and make them his own. So Ceaser and his men go off to look for the last legion to help them fight off the evil doers.

The movies ok. There are a few decent eye candy shots, and the fighting isn’t too disgraceful, but over all the movie isn’t exactly “Troy” or “Gladiator”. For some reason, there’s a few moments of “comedy” in the movie, and it doesn’t really fit. Remember how they had a few of those in “The Man In The Iron Mask”, it’s kind like that but this time it doesn’t work.

Theres a hot chick, though i don’t remember her name. Nor do i recall women being allowed to fight in those days. But what do i know. If you get a free rental from Red Box, or from Netflix and you like medieval movies such as this, then i say go for it.I mean it’s not all that bad, and it’s only about an hour and 30 minutes. But if you’re the type of person saying “MAN I SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!” i think you need to calm down, because you might be a little disappointed.

5 Out Of 10.

– StraTT

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