The American Gladiators 2008 Premiere

Last night (1-6-08) marked the return of one of my favorite television shows of all time, American Gladiators. I waited all day to sit and be amazed by this show. As many of you know I have a very unhealthy obsession with this show, its history and its cast, even going so far as to write about where they are now, and what they did for Halloween. As soon as I learned that the show was returning I started counting down the days. Hell during one drunken night Nick Fit and I even planned to drive to Vegas to try out to be on the show, but 60 some shot later that thought turned into vomit on an unhappy stripper.

So Last night at 8 pm I tuned in to watch and as I waited to hear that magical theme song…you know the one,

Do Da Da Do Da Da Do

Do – Do – Do – Do

Do Da Da Do Da Da Do

Do Do Da Do Do Da Do

Yet, I never heard it. I must say I was a little disappointed, but I figured, alright, this is the NEW Gladiators, perhaps they aren’t focusing on a theme song. Then the show began. I was a little disappointed with the choice to put the Gladiators in black and silver as opposed to the classic colors, but I figured that’s o.k. too. Then came the moment of truth, the run down of the Gladiators. For the next television season, every Monday night, these would be the people sharing my t.v,. time with the WWE on Monday nights (I live in mountain time so Raw starts at 7 pm) so I would have to be impressed. Opposed to some, I was.

Crush a.k.a. Gina Carano
Fury a.k.a. Jaime Kovac
Hellga a.k.a. Robin Coleman
Justice a.k.a. Justice Smith
Mayhem a.k.a. Romeo Williams
Militia a.k.a. Alex Castro
Siren a.k.a. Valerie Waugaman
Stealth a.k.a. Tanji Johnson
Titan a.k.a Mike O’Hearn
Toa a.k.a. Tanoai Reed
Venom a.k.a. Beth Horn
Wolf a.k.a. Don Yates

So I sat last night and watched the entire two hours of the show and in the end I was pleased. Sure, it wasn’t exactly how I remember MY gladiators, but I still thought it was pretty bad ass. It put on a good show. Then I woke up this morning and decided to take a look at the NBC message boards. That was a mistake.

Now I have always believed that message boards were the rallying point of the incompetent, and no where is this more true then on the American Gladiator board. People going on and on about how over produced the show is, or that Hulk Hogan is a bad host, or about how the contestants are acting…poorly and that NBC is killing a great show and to them I say, shut the hell up. These people are rediculous. I imagine they are like most of the people that actually liked the Transformers movie. Sure, they vaguely remember the original, but they shouldn’t call themselves fans.

It wasn’t like the Gladiators was ever a “sport”, it was pro-wrestling with a “mission” thrown in. Hell I applaud the new Gladiators on their showmanship. At least this batch of ’em doesn’t seem like they are so roided out they want to eat the competitors. Sure, Wolf was a little over the top with his howling, but why not be? IT IS AMERICAN GLADIATORS. It is supposed to be over the top.

All in all I give the new show an 8 out of 10 after its first episode. Being that another is on again tonight I will follow up tomorrow and let you know what I think then, I will also focus more on the events and competitors then as well.

11 responses to “The American Gladiators 2008 Premiere

  1. Nice read and speaks well to the point!

  2. derangedmilk

    Couldn’t agree with you more.

  3. I disagree, I just couldn’t stand the camera angles. You say you watch WWE. Well have you ever watched TNA? Well I feel the camera angles are more broken on AG than TNA impact personally.

    And they ruined assault. I don’t appreciate their choice of contenders either.

  4. Ken, I feel the need to direct you to an article I wrote prior to my days as a celebrity news correspondent. It’s called “Your Opinion Means Nothing To Us (Unless we agree with it)” and you can read it here:

    Now, with that being said, your opinion, though I’m sure you think quite the opposite, is not valid. And we do not thank you for it.

  5. Thank you, have a nice day! 🙂

  6. From a UK Gladiators fan, and from looking at the fallout from the NBC messageboard, I’d like to say… YOU GET IT! You are one of the few people I have seen about on the internet that gets the point of the show.

    It shows a LOT of similarities to the UK show, and that was a phenomenon! Just think if NBC puts its efforts behind this (OK slow down on the editing a little bit), it could still reproduce that fire that was so prevalent over here from 1993-1995. It has a very credible amount of potential, and I think your review of it is the best review I have read so far. Keep it up!

  7. I’m sorry, sir, but I completely disagree with you. The camera angles made this show unwatchable. There was NO sportsmanship whatsoever, as if the Gladiators are now supposed to be “heels”, since you seem to be familiar with wrestling vernacular. The games are not well constructed – most are unsafe and not all that enjoyable to watch. It just seems… overdone, as if it’s a reality show. What made AG great was it was more of an athletic event, as opposed to a story telling experience.

    I loved the original American Gladiators… but this incarnation does not embody any of the positive points of that incarnation.

  8. female hater

    I must say this show sucks compared to the origional. Theres only ONE AMERICAN GLADIATORS OF ALL TIME …New Gladiators cant take that away….Theres also only ONE origional True Creator not this fraud…..

  9. cooom

  10. I gotta say almost everyone here seems like the type of idiot that talks to just hear their own voice. e-balls don’t count for anything. Now on with my point. I think this show is great with what has become a stagnant tv experience lately (Celebrity Apprentice anyone?) and this show is exactly that…a show, and it is very good at what it does. Want to see real displays of athletics? Watch ESPN Strong Man competitions. Want to see a show with over the top trash talking and sexy women in tight spandex (Crush <3) this is the show for you!

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