American Gladiator Fans

After a bit of further thought it has occurred to me that there are three types of Gladiator fans. First there are the TRUE fans of the classic show. People that not only watched the classic show when it was on, but those who talked about it and kept it in the front of their minds and were super excited when the new show came on.

This first group of fans will watch the new show no matter what. They will watch it because they have high hopes for the new show and that they feel the need to safe guard the memory of the old show. If they love or hate the new one they will tune in every week to see what’s going on.

The second group of fans are those that vaguely remember the original show, were fans of it in syndication and don’t have the same memories of the original show as the first group of fans. Generally I have been finding that these are the people with the angriest complaints which seems rash since they don’t REALLY have a love of the show.

Third are the television fans. People that could care less about the original show and in fact may never have seen it. My message to the other two groups of fans (I am obviously a member of group a) is that this is the group NBC will pay attention too and rightly so. Mostly because their opinion is unbiased by memory and if this new show truly sucks they will quit watching it, likewise if it is truly great it will be signed to a multi-season contract.

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